All Windows updates are not shown in vScope

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vScope uses WMI/WinRM to gather data from the operating system of Windows servers across the network. When collecting information about installed Windows updates, vScope will only gather information about the ones that are actually installed when the server is discovered. This means vScope will not show the full update history of a server.

An example

On a server, we look into the update history and find this:

A long list of KBs! Now, looking in vScope on this specific server (on the Properties page):

It’s obvious that vScope is not showing all KBs that are listed in the update history list on the server. This is due to that vScope only shows the KBs that were installed during the last Discovery conducted.

To correct way to see what KBs that are installed on a Windows server is to look in the “Installed Updates” view in the control panel on the server. The listed KBs are the ones that are shown in vScope.

Notice that KB4013429 is shown in the update history but neither in vScope or the Installed update view while KB4019472 is shown in every view (because it is currently installed on the server).

Is it possible to overview the update history in vScope?

Yes! You can show the update history of any server in vScope. One way is to do it on the Properties page, just go to the timeline and search for “windows update”:

Voilà! Here we can see that KB4013429 awas removed 04-14. You can also overview this in Table Explorer by right-clicking

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