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Enabling full control of a quickly expanding datacenter environment

Anoto Group AB, including subsidiaries Anoto AB and C Technologies AB, listed on Small Cap list of the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, is world leading in digital pen technology. Anoto Group has its headquarter in Lund (Sweden) and offices in Boston and Tokyo.

With a relatively large IT infrastructure and a slimmed IT-organization it is important to reduce manual routines to increase efficiency in Anoto’s IT operations. Anoto decided to try out vScope by InfraSight Labs to gain better and faster understanding of their IT infrastructure. The result was an immediate success! Already at the first time of usage, vScope provided insights to the IT at Anoto, leading to a couple of immediate benefits and proactive actions.

Johan Davidsson, System and Network Engineer at Anoto says:
In vScope we could see our IT infrastructure in a whole new way. An immediate result was that we managed to control server sprawl in the organization in a better way than before. We actually removed a couple of redundant servers directly. We were also able to pinpoint a number of different inconsistencies in our server structure that could be corrected directly, as well as verifying that a lot of other configurations were as they should. These are things that otherwise are very time consuming to find and follow up on, but that all lead up to better structure in the datacenter in the end.”

vScope helped us automate that audit in seconds, presenting exactly what we needed.

Johan also praises vScope being platform independent:
Thanks to vScope being developed in Java, I can run vScope on any platform I want! Like in our case, where we run vScope installations on both Mac and Linux. This is an advantage to us.

Anoto’s CIO, Peter Feldt mentions a couple of other benefits:
We had license reviews coming up, and vScope helped us automate that audit in seconds, presenting exactly what we needed in a nice one-page pdf-document. An excellent time saver!

vScope automatically builds up a living IT documentation, ranging across multiple datacenters where it is easy to relate IT to business functions, services etc.

Peter Feldt continues:
– In a longer perspective, we see much value from vScope in the day-to-day management of the infrastructure as well as in the strategic IT planning and control. vScope makes us faster and helps us be more proactive. Clear, understandable, correct, and updated information give crisp results to the different people who need it – when they need it. It’s very powerful.




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