What is vScope?

What is vScope? The IT industry is packed with tools, solutions and different platforms to improve organization's IT. What is really so special with vScope? The short version - Elevator pitch vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT. With the ability to cross-relate information from any technological platform

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How is vScope updated?

Automatic updates InfraSight Labs always strive to keep your part of the maintenance of vScope to a minimum. One way is to automate the software updating process. When setting the Software Updates option (Under Settings/Software Updates) to "Releases Automatically", vScope will automatically download and apply new versions of vScope when available. This setting is

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vScope’s communication with InfraSight Labs

vScope is designed for minimal maintenance on our customers side. Benefits include: Automatic software updates A backup service included in the license subscription Automatic activation of new license keys after renewal Easier bug-reporting Proactive support from our support team To make sure that this works, vScope require access to InfraSight Labs' support systems over the

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Is it safe to store passwords in the Discovery Manager?

vScope uses credentials to log in to various components of your datacenter. The benefit is that no agents are needed, which is cost-efficient, safe and fast. All passwords are treated carefully to ensure highest security at all times. Only vScope-Admins can view the Discovery Manager When entering credentials, the password is never displayed - not

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How to use regular expressions in vScope

First: Wildcards You may have noticed vScope’s match-filters which allows for wildcard search. Example using Wildcards: To show all servers having a program file named sql-something can be viewed by setting a wildcard in the Filter Pane: Installed Applications = *sql*. But there are situations where one wants to be more specific. In these cases

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What technologies are supported in vScope?

The vScope platform is built to support input from an arbitrarily number of different sources, and put the pieces together into one unified vScope model/database. The list of probes is extended continuously. Current probes are: Virtualization VMware Hyper-V (Through WMI or VMM) Learn more vScope Virtualization Operating systems WMI (Windows) SSH (Linux, Unix) Learn more

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