Release notes vScope 3.1.0

3.1.0 Introducing powerful reporting features in Table Explorer Once again it is time for an update of vScope. The first, and most obvious thing you will notice, is the redesigned version of Table Explorer but there are also a lot of other things that are included in this release. Table Explorer

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Welcome to vScope 3

3 vScope 3 - The next generation of automation platform for IT Finally it's here, vScope 3 - the next generation of vScope! We have been working hard on new features, improving user experience and of course implementing all the wonderful feedback that we have received from the community (thank you!). The

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Release Notes v2.9.16 & v2.9.17 & v2.9.18 & v2.9.19

A new version of vScope has just been released. We call it v2.9.16 and includes, besides overall improvements and fixes, some completely new functionality that makes vScope better than ever. Support for Azure Resource Manager vScope v2.9.16 introduces extended support for Azure with the Azure Resource Manager Probe. This probe will automatically discover data from

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Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15

Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15 vScope v2.9.15 is maintenance release containing many performance optimizations, especially for larger (> 1000 servers) installations. A few minor features has made its way to this release as well: The release includes: Tracker cases to easily find all SHA1 web certificates. Modern browsers are about to stop supporting them

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Release Notes v2.9.9, v2.9.10, v2.9.11, v2.9.12 & v2.9.13

vScope v2.9.9 is here - adding new functionality and improvements that makes this the best vScope version ever! Omnisearch - Everything you need to know in one place The Omnisearch functionality lets you access any machine from one single input field. This is a great feature when navigating among your resources on the Properties page. Just

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Release Notes v2.9.6 & v2.9.7 & v2.9.8

Never miss an update about what is going on in vScope Missing changes occurring in the datacenter can be critical. That is why we invented vScope. So, staying updated with information about vScope can be a good idea. Therefore, vScope 2.9.6 comes with a notification center! Notification center added in vScope - Don't miss anything out From

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Release Notes v2.9.4 & v2.9.5

Enhanced administrative workflow in vScope v2.9.4 vScope v2.9.4 includes several new features for administrators in vScope to better manage users, groups and settings. This version of vScope also provides more power to the Discovery Engine with an improved WMI probe. Push settings to existing groups or users Pushing settings is the way administrators easily can manage the

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