vScope the Spectre Meltdown checker

The easiest way to track down exposed assets –  A built-in Spectre Meltdown checker The news about Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability have generated a lot of buzz in the industry lately. Essentially all CPU cores manufactured after 1995 are exposed to a flaw that could allow hackers to bypass the hardware barrier

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Free trial of vScope during January due to Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability

Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability puts your organisation at risk 2018 starts off with two major security breaches called Spectre and Meltdown. In short, the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities can allow unauthorized actors to steal sensitive information such as passwords, emails and credit card information from almost any computer or

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Filter tables on Right-click

Filter tables on Right click When IT-administrators and managers have instant insights about their IT infrastructure they work faster and make better decisions. Table Explorer in vScope has new right click menu, making it easier and faster to work with filters so that insights are easier made. Just point and

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