There are many reasons to maintain good control over configurations: keep risk levels low, house-holding with resources and licenses, facilitate problem solving and datacenter navigation, maintain correct billing and much more.

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The people working with in your IT probably have the best knowledge about what configurations should look like already. But configurations constantly change, and this makes it difficult and time consuming to secure that all policies are kept.

vScope let me see my datacenter with new eyes. Thanks to vScope, we found and corrected several config inconsistencies before they caused problems!

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In vScope, sorting, filtering and grouping makes it easy to view any IT-infrastructure with new fresh eyes. Experience has shown that this is an exceptionally good way to catch configuration violations quickly. It is also a great way to facilitate audit.

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vScope in itself does not always know what a configuration should be, but vScope can present the facts in a way that makes it easy for technicians to discover potential problems early. Problems include, but are not limited to

  • Servers in wrong folders
  • Incorrect user/group access
  • Missing anti-virus
  • Inconsistencies in server configuration
  • Incorrect patch-levels
  • Incorrect server templates
  • Mixed networks
  • Wrongly configured vlans
  • Incorrect patch-levels or configuration of switches
  • and much more…

As said, the people in in your IT department probably know best already. All that is needed now is that they become aware!

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