Controlling your outsourcing costs

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Outsourcing of IT is convenient in many ways. But no matter how convenient the IT- or hosting management is:

As a CIO or IT manager, you can not outsource your responsibility or your costs.

How do you influence the cost structure of your IT? How do you secure a un-biased audit? And how do you get up on par on information about your IT, so that you have power to negotiate and plan your outsourced activities in the best possible way?

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Outsourced IT or not, vScope provides a clear picture of the IT so that decision-makers are able to manage their IT more cost efficiently. Thanks to being capable of showing facts about IT from almost any angle, vScope adds value in measuring and planning cost drivers, as well as following up on a delivered service.

Furthermore, with better control and overview you will become more professional in your purchase role, making it easier for the hosting company to provide the service that you want.

  • Pay less for outsourcing by identifying what you need and what you don’t
  • Get full overview of your cost-drivers in outsourcing (Servers, RAM, CPU, storage, back-up, etc)
  • Cut costs by identifying redundant resources and remove themBe better prepared to negotiate pricing or other terms with accurate information at hand
  • Use documentation to benchmark prices from other partners
  • Verify correct billing, and avoid being over-charged
  • Understand usage and trends of existing cost-driving resources, e.g storage and back-up utilization