MALMÖ – 2017/05/15 – Due to the global outburst of the “WannaCry”/WannaCrypt” ransomware software, we have released an extra update of vScope containing improvements of the Core platform to help you minimize the impact of the attack. In the new version you can easily track Windows machines that might be exposed to risk of being affected. Build documentation about machines, their OS, patch level and the version SMB implemented.

We have also bundled a new Tracker Case that automatically lists all machines being exposed to the risk of being affected.

How can vScope help?

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version (v2.9.18) of vScope running (under the About page)
    If your vScope has not been updated, click the “NEW VERSION AVAILABLE” banner to update to the latest version

    You can also try to click the -button to make vScope look for an update manually.
  2. Run a new Discovery in order to get the latest information from your datacenter into vScope. IMPORTANT – Let the Discovery finish.
  3. Go into Tracker and find the case “Windows machines with SMBv1 not patched for MS17-010” under the interest Security/Patch Management. NOTICE – You might have to force refresh your browser to clear any browser cach.

If you can’t find the case, try toggling the “OK”-tab. If the case is listed here, you are safe since it seems as if you don’t have any machines (discovered by vScope) that is exposed to the risk of being affected.

Stay safe!

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