Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is vScope?

    vScope is an IT Information Platform which provides IT management with instant access to relevant and accurate information about how their IT is performing, without relying on technical competence.

  • Is vScope a SaaS?

    vScope is delivered on-prem with an installation that is done on a server in your environment.

  • Where can I see the pricing?

    Our pricing is based on the size of your IT. This is a fair and transparent price model. Please contact us or log in to the account pages for a customized quote.

  • How can I try vScope?

    You can download the platform vScope Inventory for free on our download page. This will give you enough functionality to get started using vScope. We do recommend you to try vScope Unlimited during a so called Assisted Trial which is conducted together with a product expert from InfraSight Labs. Learn more about our trial concepts.

  • Where can I find my vScope license?

    vScope needs a valid license to fully funcion. The licenses are distributed via the License account service (access this via and during setup the vScope installation will automatically connect and confirm its existence so it recieves a valid license.

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