It is not unusual to find thousands of different program files in a regular datacenter, and a server administrator have many reasons to keep control over what’s there:

  • Keep track of license status
  • Avoid security threats
  • Detect unwanted software
  • Understand what versions of a specific software there is

Here are two examples of how to quickly find out about software in your datacenter:

1, Find out all versions of Adobe Flash Player, using Table Explorer:

  • Go to All Resources –> Applications (All Applications in the datacenter are shown)
  • Add a Filter, where Name = *Adobe Flash* (All Versions of Adobe Flash Player is shown)
  • To find out where they are installed, Add a column Installed on


2, Find all Machines where Teamviewer is installed

  • Go to All Resources –> All Machines (All Machines in the datacenter are shown)
  • Search for the filter called Installed Applications. When expanding the filter you may search for the right value, which is Teamviewer in this case.
  • Select all versions of Teamviewer in the list
  • Add columns as you wish, e.g IP-number