Mapping, visualization
and reporting for GDPR compliance



  • Documentation & reporting for GDPR
  • Automated reviews to ensure readiness
  • Collaborative to demonstrate compliance

Automatic audit of IT assets

Openness & transparency

Information about changes

Keep information in order with vScope

The key to GDPR compliance is keeping your information in order to be able to answer quite basic but yet very important questions, such as what data do we have, where is it stored, and who can access it. However, far too many organizations are lacking visibility and understanding of what their IT really looks like. This makes it harder to understand the current situation, perform gap analysis and set the scope for an action plan for GDPR compliance. Not having access to an accurate documentation of the IT will also impose complications to demonstrate that your organization meet the GDPR requirements.

Let us present vScope. Automatic IT inventory that maps and visualizes IT assets in an intuitive and flexible way. With vScope your organization will benefit from accurate information that is easy to access and share, helping you to better ensure GDPR compliance.

About GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intended to strengthen the protection and privacy of personal data. With the introduction of GDPR, companies will be more or less forced to take a more careful approach when handling and processing personal data. To solve this challenge, organizations not only need to align the collection of data with the GDPR requirements but also the underlying systems and infrastructure that contains sensitive data.

How can I use vScope for GDPR?

1. Getting GDPR compliant

Get full overview of the IT

Automatic inventory and correlation of data provides a holistic perspective of servers, databases, services, users and permissions.

Gap analysis to set the scope

Use built-in reports or browse vScope’s information to answer relevant questions related to GDPR.


Follow up on changes and distribute reports and insights to colleagues to ensure compliance before deadline.

2. Staying compliant

Automatic assessment every day

Stay informed about what is going on with an automatically updated documentation with built-in assessments related to GDPR.

Stay informed if anything changes

Never miss important changes related to new or moved IT assets or any changed access rights that might affect compliance.

Demonstrate GDPR compliance

With additional functionality you can easily communicate GDPR compliance with stakeholders through customized reports.

Establish what you have – List all different types of data assets

Surprisingly, many organizations are lacking updated documentation of IT assets such as servers, databases, services and user accounts. Without an accurate overview of the IT environment, it is nearly impossible to grasp how GDPR will affect your business.

vScope automatically audits and maps the complete IT infrastructure, allowing organizations to browse a comprehensive documentation including relationship views of assets and relevant permission settings related to GDPR.

Make sure you know where data is stored

Knowing where information is stored will help you understand who can access it and tell you if data is transferred cross-border. With vScope you can get an overview of the systems and where sensitive data is stored including access rights and location. Use tags to customize the information and build reports about crucial GDPR insights.

Use the assessment for gap analysis

Understand the gap between current setup and GDPR requirements with help from vScope’s assessment. You will benefit from both built-in reports and analysis related to GDPR setting the baseline for what needs to be done.

Stay informed about your IT

The key to stay GDPR compliant is staying informed about your IT. Using vScope you will benefit of always having access to the latest information about what your IT really looks like. This includes information about servers, databases, user accounts, applications, services and much, much more.

How vScope supports organizations
with GDRP compliance

Having access to an accurate IT documentation enables many valuable use cases related to GDPR.

  • DPIA and analysis of data protection
  • Customize GDPR reports for both internal and external parties
  • Updated and accurate documentation whenever you need it
  • Identifying over-privileged accounts
  • Tailored reports about GDPR
  • Overview of all enabled and disabled domain administrators
  • Built-in analysis guiding IT towards valuable insights about GDPR compliance
  • Customized alerts about changes in permission settings
  • Reports about disabled directory accounts in various organizational units (OU)
  • File share overview with permission level ‘Everyone can read’

Frequently asked questions

vScope supports most technological platforms in a datacenter. VMware, Hyper-V, HTTP, WMI, WinRM, MSSQL, SSH, SMI-S, SNMP, Oracle, LDAP are some examples of protocols being used for inventory. vScope will first inventory assets and then automatically correlate the information from all these platforms in order to provide you with a comprehensive map of your infrastructure.

vScope offers a complete overview of the IT spanning from physical hosts, VMs, OS, databases, user accounts, network, web certificates and file shares. It does not inventory on a lower level than file shares.

vScope’s reporting features allows you to not only build customizedreports with accurate data. You may also distribute reports by email, XLXS/CSV or directly in vScope. With access control of your reports you are able to invite external parties to view (only) reports about eg. GDPR. Integrating vScope with your Active Directory will allow all users to reuse their existing login.

Learn more about reporting in this blog post:

Working with external reporting in vScope


How to integrate vScope with Active Directory or LDAP service

You can download vScope for free from our download page. The installation will only take a few minutes. By doing this you will get a chance to explore vScope. Try it today!

We at InfraSight Labs will gladly help you get started. We do this through an assisted trial where our product experts help you customize vScope, and train you based on your needs. Read more about this and other trial offers here. You may also contact any of our regional partners.

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