A popular feature in vScope is reports. We have just made reporting in vScope even better!

Firstly, we made it possible for the user himself to create report templates directly from the Tables-view. This makes vScope a powerful reporting engine which can help you create and design customized reports of your virtual environment in seconds. Using tags, you can tailor reports to fit virtually any organizations’ needs and put your IT in relation to your business functions!

Secondly, in vScope 1.1.7 there are more than 100 new “dynamic tags” to pinpoint different configurations in your datacenter. Tags are used to define tables and reports and the wide array of configurations tags in vScope opens up for endless possibilities for customizations and tailoring towards any business.

Thirdly, we improved the graph view and enabled printing of graphs, so that users can create sustainable pictures of their interactive views in vScope.

And last, but not least, we opened up for creating reports in .xls and HTML formats, besides the pdf’s earlier available. With these new formats available it is now much simpler to crunch vScope numbers in Excel by your own or import vScope data directly into your billing system, customer portal, helpdesk system or any other system for that matter.

So, even though vScope 1.1.7 was quietly released we are prod to say it offers great improvements and many values for its’ users!