vScope 2.6.8 includes useful and time-saving features for creating new users, an easier way to detect public IP-addresses and improvements for the charting-functionality. This release also fixes a stability-issue which could cause vScope’s database to crash when the vScope-server rebooted.

PublicIPinvScopeFind public IP-addresses easier

  • New tags for public IPs under Machines and IP-numbers
  • Updated Tracker cases

EBaseNewUserfficiently onboard new users in vScope

  • Copy settings from an existing user when creating a new one. This way they do not have to start from zero!




Table Explorer

  • Added support for negative values in history charts.
  • Fixed dates not updating upon zoom
  • Added charting capabilites to table aggregation footer.
  • Fixed filter problem in wide-search
  • Fixed incorrect tag-filter from right-click when filter column has multiple values


  • Increased robustness for vScope database when forcefully shut down or restarted
  • Improvement in discovery timeout. Added WScript.Timeout to all vbscripts created. As a last resort, vbscripts will terminate after 30 minutes.
  • Added redirect param to topbar login links. This was user gets back to the same page after login
  • Updated to Angular 1.4.4
  • Added link to Machine Properties from MP Settings.
  • Made auto-removal days in Settings/Database input somewhat more obvious