Filter tables on Right click

When IT-administrators and managers have instant insights about their IT infrastructure they work faster and make better decisions. Table Explorer in vScope has new right click menu, making it easier and faster to work with filters so that insights are easier made. Just point and click!

Let’s have a look at a few examples.

Making selections

Point at a row or a selection of rows to either shortlist or hide from the list? This is useful when you know exactly which entries you would like in your list.

The three selected machines will show up in the resulting list.

Filter on cell-value

Would you like to know about all items sharing a condition you see somewhere in Table Explorer?

Like: Show me all servers using that DNS-server?

Just point at a cell, and add a filter based on that cell.

The result in this case is a list with servers using DNS-servers and

This function works in everywhere in vScope of course, so it may be applied on other resources than just Machines.

Example: Only show File Systems on root c: