vScope service has high memory consumption

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Checking vScope RAM-consumtion

vScope’s memory usage can be viewed under About. The bar shows the actual database size as well as the Java virtual machine allocation (JVM). The JVM-value is what is shown in e.g. the Windows Task Manager.

memusageIn-RAM or Hybrid Backend?

vScope’s database Generation 1 is built on In-Memory technology. All data, including history, is stored in the RAM-memory during runtime.

vScope’s database Generation 2 is a hybrid between RAM and disk. This database swaps data between the two states as needed. This is significantly more RAM-effective than generation 1.

To see which database you are using, check under Settings/Database. The example below shows Generation 1: In-Memory

SettingsDBChanging to Generation 2 Backend

To make the change over to Generation 2, the hybrid backend, the installer must be run on the server again. All settings will remain (just make sure to point the installation and the data to the old cataloges and folders), but the data collection will start over from start and all history will be cleared.

The Windows-installer can be found here