Increase the margins

of your delivery


Hosting & MSP

  • Documentation, reporting and automated billing
  • Automate manual routines
  • One common platform for supplier and customer


Increased margins


Improved quality of service


Automated manual routines

What is vScope?

vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT, offering a common view for documentation, reporting and analysis of your entire IT infrastructure. By using vScope, you as a hosting provider or MSP will be able to better communicate the value of your delivery to your clients. At the same time, you improve the efficiency of routines such as follow-ups, control and billing by automating documentation and analysis, leading to lower costs.

Through increased precision and productivity, vScope will decrease the need for manual tasks. The result is increased margins for your business and more time for value-adding activities such as service development and additional up-sells.

About vScope

vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT that offers organizations a common view for documentation, reporting and analysis of the IT infrastructure. By bridging information from multiple technologies vScope breaks the silos of IT and provide a common, unified platform for insights relevant many different roles in the organization. The result is increased transparency according to your needs, lowered dependency to key people, more efficient processes and in the end higher quality of IT delivery.

More about vScope

Customized reporting for you and your clients

To manually create and maintain reports is a time consuming task that often steals resources from more value-adding activities.

vScope is designed to facilitate reporting both for external clients and for the internal organization. Create customized views where your stakeholders themselves can get a better understanding of what their IT really looks like.


Tailor-made billing

Use vScope to automate billing by replacing manual routines, such as collecting and updating all billing details, with an efficient and data-driven solution. Customize the information in vScope with your own price lists, package solutions and additional services.

Automated checks
of agreements

Don’t waste manual resources to ensure SLAs. vScope automates the work to check that SLAs are met and will assist you to better communicate this to your clients. Additional automated checks will help you as an IT-provider to maintain and increase the overall quality of service.


One common platform – Showing the value of your delivery

vScope creates a common platform for the MSP and their stakeholders, where you have the opportunity to share documentation, reports and analysis without boundaries.


Find new customized business opportunities

Using vScope will assist you as an IT provider in finding new business opportunities. With better documentation it will be easy to see your clients’ need for database upgrades, additional resources and cleanups of for example unused user accounts, servers and systems.

Integration enables efficiency

Use vScope’s data in other systems such as help/service desks, BI softwares or billing systems. This enables more efficient operations allowing you as a hosting provider or MSP to improve work flows to make them quicker and more productive.

Learn more about integration in vScope >

Offer vScope-as-a-Service

Offer your clients a self-service portal where reports and documentation can be shared between you as a supplier and your customers. This will enable you to better communicate information and the quality of your work, which will also create additional value for the end-client. We call this vScope-as-a-Service and it offers you as an IT provider completely new business opportunities and competitive advantages.

How can I use vScope?

Service Manager

Communicate the value of your delivery

Build client-specific views to show the value of your delivery, for example during operations meetings or status updates.

Automated billing

vScope automatically collects all the dynamic values to form the basis of your billing, such as CPU, RAM and file system usage.

Keep track on changes

Set up vScope to notify you when changes occur and/or when limits are exceeded.


Visualize needs and new business opportunities

Get access to better information about your clients’ environment to motivate and visualize the need for new investments. For example for consulting, license management or VM-SLA.


Secure quality

Get a complete overview of the environments of your stakeholders in one single view, and secure high quality of service. Together with built-in analysis, vScope will enable proactive measures to avoid downtime.

Follow up SLA

Create your own analyses and dashboards customized to your SLAs to get a better basis for your delivery.

Distribute information

Share insights and information from your clients’ environment to other stakeholders within your team, or external to your customer’s organization.


Reuse vScope’s structured and correlated data in existing systems.

Frequently asked questions

vScope is a subscription-based service with updates, service and support included. Products are licensed on the platform vScope Inventory, adapted to your environment and your situation.  Every product is licensed based on “Billable Units” (BU). For vScope Server for example, this is computed on the number of Server OS. For vScope directory, it is based on accounts and groups, and so on.

Read more about vScope products here.

vScope supports most technological platforms in a datacenter. VMware, Hyper-V, HTTP, WMI, WinRM, MSSQL, SSH, SMI-S, SNMP, Oracle, LDAP are some examples of protocols being used for network inventory. vScope will then automatically correlate the information from all these platforms, in order to give a complete picture of your IT.

You can download vScope for free from our download page. The installation will only take a few minutes. By doing this you will get a chance to explore vScope. Try it today!

We at InfraSight Labs will gladly help you get started. We do this through an assisted trial where our product experts help you customize vScope, and train you based on your needs. Read more about this and other trial offers here.

Monitoring supplies you with valuable information when things go wrong. Simply put, it gives you red and green lights for the current status of your environment. vScope is not real-time monitoring, but instead enables a more proactive approach to running your IT-operations. It’s an IT library, with all configurations and relations in one view!