How does vScope probe via SSH?

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vScope support Discovery of SSH. It first runs “uname -a” to try to figure out nix-flavour of target system. After that it runs several commands and reads a few files. For commands it first checks if it’s available on the target system by issuing “command -v {cmd}” before it tries to run it. If not found this way it also looks for it under “/sbin” and “/user/sbin”.
If vScope receives “Permission denied” when trying to run a command it checks if current user is allowed to do sudo by issuing “sudo -v” if this succeeds it will retry original command with sudo “sudo {cmd} ”. If sudo check fails it will not try to use sudo for any of the following commands within the target session. For files it first checks if file exists with “test -f {file}” before trying to read it.

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