How is vScope updated?

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Automatic updates

InfraSight Labs always strive to keep your part of the maintenance of vScope to a minimum. One way is to automate the software updating process. When setting the Software Updates option (Under Settings/Software Updates) to “Releases Automatically”, vScope will automatically download and apply new versions of vScope when available. This setting is enabled as default and there is no need for the user to do anything.


New versions are normally applied within 24 hours from release, but not during office hours.

Manual updates

Users may trigger the checking and the deployment for a newer version manually, by clicking on the green check-box icon on the About-page.


If a new version is then available, the icon will turn orange. The new version will be downloaded, and the user will be prompted to restart vScope in a single click. vScope – in a newer version – will restart in an instant.