How to manually update the information in vScope

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The information in vScope is automatically updated depending on the Discovery schedule setting found in the Discovery Manager. Sometimes, the it is relevant to manually update the information. This can be done with a partial discovery and can be done in three different ways:

1. From the Properties view

In the top-right corner of the Properties view there is a hamburger dropdown menu that hides the option to “Rescan Machine”. This option will start a partial Discovery and update all information related to the opened machine.

2. Quick Discovery

On the Discovery tab in the Discovery Manager there is a hidden option that allows the user to start a “Quick Discovery” of any specified IP/Hostname/Range. Enter the target and hit Quick Discover to quickly let vScope run a partial Discovery of the specified target.

3. Manual partial Discovery

Under the Targets tab in Discovery manager, you can select any of the targets that you want to rescan.