How to migrate the vScope installation

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Migrating the vScope installation can be done in two different ways. Both instruction sets will migrate all configurations and settings of vScope including history, Discovery scope, users, presets, Tracker profile settings etc. Notice that migrating an installation with Kevas1 to a vScope installation running Kevas2 will not include history (as described in Switching to Hybrid Backend).

To a different volume/location on the same server

  • Stop the vScope service
  • Run the vScope installer and set the new location for the vScopeData folder. Finish installation
  • Stop the vScope service (that started automatically after the installation)
  • Delete the new vScopeData folder on the new location
  • Move the old vScopeData folder to the new location
  • Restart the vScope service

Migrating vScope installation to a different server

  • Turn off the vScope service
  • Copy the folder C:/vScopeData (excluding the C:/vScopeData/projects/default/modelDB folder to skip the Kevas1 data) to the same location at the new server

IMPORTANT – If migrating from installation running Kevas1 to an installation running Kevas2 please follow this instruction: On the new vScope server, open C:/vScopeData/projects/default/project.pref with a text editor and ensure that the row “dbEngine” is set to:

  • Download and run the vScope-installer on the new server. When prompted, point to the folder above
  • Open vScope
  • Log in to the License & Billing Account and activate a valid license (If no license is available, please contact our support for a new license)
  • Verify that all targets and credentials are working from the new location