How to upgrade backend to Kevas2

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vScope’s database Generation 2 is a hybrid between RAM and disk. This database swaps data between the two states as needed. Hybrid database is significantly more RAM-efficient than the older in-memory technology. It is highly recommended to use the hybrid backend.

Older versions of vScope can be upgraded by doing the following:

IMPORTANT: All settings (saved presets, user accounts, credentials, manual tags etc) will remain, but the data collection will start over from start and all history will be cleared.

For Windows

  1. Stop vScope Server service
  2. Open the file C:/vScopeData/projects/default/project.prefs (This file may be on another drive)
  3. Add a line stating dbEngine=kevas2
  4. Restart the vScope Server service and run a new discovery

For Linux
All actions are done on machine (via SSH):

  1. Stop vScope service
    > service vscopeserver stop
  2. Make sure line dbEngine=kevas2 is present in /var/lib/vscopeserver/vscopedata/projects/default/project.prefs
    If line exist with value kevas then change it to kevas2
  3. Start vScope service again
    > service vscopeserver start

If you are interested in keeping this Kevas installation an run a parallell Kevas2 installation, you might want to look at How to migrate the vScope installation.