Make the most out of vScope

Among our customers we have seen vScope being used in many different ways. Some users reap the benefits from having a premium IT-documentation once in a while. Others are very active and introduce vScope as a cornerstone in many of their day-to-day operations. Some let vScope automate business critical workflows. Others use Tracker to alert them of configuration changes so that they stay up to date.

The ways to use vScope vary, but vScope customer have one thing in common: The are all enabled to do more with less when it matters!


Use vScope…

  • …as an indoor expert consultant
  • …to automate recurring reporting
  • …to overview IT directly from your mailbox
  • …to prevent disruption with proactive alerts


Use vScope…

  • …actively search and query the whole datacenter
  • …as a common platform for collaboration
  • …to audit the datacenter daily
  • …as guide for more proactive IT

vScope works for the organization. Every day.

A great thing about vScope is that it is continuously updating its data model of your datacenter automatically.  With inbuilt analysis in vScopeTracker, vScope will become a digital expert consultant that guides IT professionals in the right direction. This means no additional work for the organization and that you basically can let vScope perform much routine check ups and reporting for you. Easy!

Do things smarter in the future by learning from the past

Ever since day one of installation, the vScope Core platform will gather and store every setting, metric and configuration in the datacenter in its own database. Browsing this history will let you make better informed decisions and that even if you are not using vScope at daily basis, you can whenever you want access a full trace log of any(!) changes that have occurred.

From now on you can’t avoid staying up to date

No matter whether you work with vScope passively as an extra colleague or actively as a common platform you will from now on always have access to the latest information about your IT. Forget outdated spreadsheets or IP-plans from the last century. vScope is your best-friend when it comes to keep you updated.


Learn from customer cases


We can now gather all information in one product.

Deloitte is using vScope to in an early stage identify trends and potential threats.

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vScope has automated much reporting.

Ronneby Kommun saves a lot of time using vScope as a one-stop-shop for information.

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