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Working with IT within public sector and need a way to gain full overview of both physical and virtual servers, databases, certificates and storage? Maybe you even need to visualize dependencies between these platforms? Striving for a way to proactively avoid disruption instead of reactive firefighting? Working with tight budgets and looking for an easy way to identify cost savings and better resource planning?

Great news, InfraSight Labs will be joining over 600 other participants at eFörvaltningsdagarna 2016 in Stockholm having stand up meetings about these kind of common issues and how vScope will help. During 12-13 October we will be discussing business development for public sector from the perspective of the IT organization and how vScope daily helps Swedish communes and agencies improve their operations for better IT.

Some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • A new release of vScope is out. Hear about all the new features in v2.9.6 & v2.9.7.
  • vScope for Active Directory. Learn how vScope will help you gain better understanding of user & access management and security issues relating to user accounts.
  • How to learn from the past. Organizations can easily browse the history of any configuration changes that ever occurred with vScope’s track back functionality. Learn how this will help you to work proactively with eg. capacity planning or risk mitigation.

See you in Stockholm!

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