vScope brings innovation into each step of its’ operation. Let’s have a look at how it works, and how this innovation adds value to you.


Discovery of the infrastructure is a 100% automatic and read-only process done completely without agents. No manual input is usually needed. The vScope approach makes it possible to read from an arbitrarily number of sources with different technologies and mash it all together into one unified model of the infrastructure.

The agent-less discovery enables fast and easy set-up which keeps installation costs to a minimum. No need to install, maintain or upgrade any agents! This is a key factor to maintain a low total cost of ownership. Thanks to being read-only, the process is also safe and will not make any changes in the infrastructure.

The “model”

The vScope database differ from most other databases in a number or important aspects.

First of all, its’ content come from an arbitrarily number of different input sources which are not neccessarily compatible with each-other. vScope is completely platform independent and can combine data from many different sources. The result is ONE unified database spanning over many technologies and platforms. This reduces the need for separate tools for each platform and it is an enabler for analysis cross platforms. Furthermore it also lays the foundation for future-proof usage, since it will always be possible to add input-probles for both new and old technologies.

Second, the data in vScope is stored in a no-sql database with relations and dependencies between objects.  It takes the database from asset management to full fledged analysis. This also makes it easy to view the data from any angle, and yet preserve the relationships to other objects.

Third, the database it time-revisioned. This means it is always possible to browse back in time to see what the database look like at this time, and comparisons and trending is also possible. The time perspective of things provide good support for planning, budgeting and different kinds of optimization work.

Fourth, the data is refined and classified automatically with meta-tags. Tags provide structure and the information in the database automatically becomes better and more useful than the raw material! Sorting, search, filtering, etc becomes very easy.

Fifth, the vScope databased operates in RAM-memory, which makes it fast and efficient!

Using it

vScope offers many ways for IT departments to be faster, smarter and more cost efficient! The possibilities with having a top class database (a CMDB) over the IT are endless.

vScope has a unique user interface letting the user get to the fact quickly. It has possibilities to view, analyze and share the data from any angle in the Table-, Graph-, Compliance- and the Reports views and there are many use-cases that could be fulfilled using this powerful multi-purpose tool.

But it does not stop here. vScope also makes it possible to export the data for processing elsewhere, thanks to a REST API for xml, json and HTML, and it is also possible to automatically populate e.g Sharepoint with vScope data.