Become a better informed buyer
and make smarter purchasing decisions


An outsourced or hybrid environment

  • All information without the technical know-how
  • Automated evaluation and reporting
  • One common collaborative platform for you and your supplier

Improve transparency

The right information
at the right time

Better purchasing

You can not outsource your responsibility

Outsourcing the IT enables organizations to increase cost control, benefit from expert personnel and focusing on their core competence. However, deciding to source IT from an external party also imposes new challenges for the organization related to cost, liability, know-how and flexibility to instantly make changes to your IT.

What you are missing is full visibility of the IT in order to benchmark the delivery, understand costs and stay informed about your services. You might not have the technical competence needed to understand how your IT fully functions but you cannot outsource your responsibility ensuring that it is compliant with security and legal best practice.

That is why you need vScope. vScope offers an easy and intuitive way to stay informed about what your outsourced IT looks like. A window into your infrastructure which helps you make smarter purchasing decisions without having to know all technical how-to:s of getting the information.

About vScope

vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT that offers organizations a common view for documentation, reporting and analysis of your entire IT infrastructure. By bridging information from multiple technologies vScope can break the silos of IT and provide a common, unified platform for insights relevant many different roles in the organization. The result is increased transparency according to your needs, lowered dependency to key people, more efficient processes and in the end higher quality of IT delivery.

How can I use vScope?

Hybrid environment

Accurate information, wherever you run your IT

Have instant access to the accurate documentation and reports from your entire infrastructure, no matter if you have cloud, on-prem or outsourced IT.

Stay compliant knowing where sensitive data goes

Storing sensitive information offshore might get you in trouble for breaking GDPR, PSI DSS or other data protection regulations. Use vScope to stay compliant knowing where information is stored and who can access it.

Cost transparency

Benefit from improved transparency of total cloud spend, subscription costs and estimate future spendings with powerful bundled reports dedicated for hybrid environments.

Fully outsourced environment

A window into your environment

Always have access to an accurate documentation of your environment. No technological prerequisites required allows anyone at any level in the IT organization to get the information they need.

Follow up on your purchase and ensure compliance

Outsourcing IT does not mean that you can avoid the responsibility to ensure compliance with security and legal best practices. Make vScope the way to benchmark your purchase and SLA:s against industry best practice.

Multi tenant – Distribute information to both internal and external parties

Invite colleagues, hosting providers and/or consultants to share relevant information about your environment. The same information at the same time facilitates better collaboration and business synergies.

Make smarter purchase decisions with full visibility

Use vScope to stay informed about your sourced IT. Licensing, server uptime, number of assets, patch-level and much, much more. Having direct access to information about your IT allows you to become a better IT purchases making well-informed decisions for your business.

Liability – Ensure compliance

You can outsource your IT environment but you cannot outsource your responsibility. vScope supports organizations with outsourced IT to know more about compliances such as GDPR, PCI-DSS and other security best practices of their infrastructure. Always have accurate documentation and bundled analysis at hand whenever you need to demonstrate compliance – no matter where your IT is located.

A common platform for you and your hosting provider

Strengthen your relationship with your IT partner by using vScope as the common platform for reports and information. vScope enables both parties access accurate information at the same time and helps facilitating collaboration and other business synergies.

Become a better informed buyer

Stay informed about the utilization and use vScope to identify potential cost savings or bottlenecks that need to be resolved. vScope helps organizations improving their buying decisions and thus better evaluate investments.

How vScope supports organizations
with an outsourced or hybrid environment

Retaining control and insights in an outsourced or hybrid environment enables many valuable use cases

  • Improve the transparency of your outsourced IT knowing what you purchase and what is delivered
  • Better purchasing decisions with accurate information
  • Benchmark the delivery against multiple industry best practices
  • Right size your environment and optimize your outsourcing costs
  • Accurate and instant information at hand whenever you need to demonstrate compliance
  • Check that your supplier’s SLAs are met
  • A collaborative platform for you and your hosting provider
  • Cost transparency running subscription based services

Frequently asked questions

vScope is a subscription-based service with updates, service and support included. Products are licensed on the platform vScope Inventory, adapted to your environment and your situation.  Every product is licensed based on “Billable Units” (BU). For vScope Server for example, this is computed on the number of Server OS. For vScope directory, it is based on accounts and groups, and so on.

Read more about vScope products here.

vScope supports most technological platforms in a datacenter. VMware, Hyper-V, HTTP, WMI, WinRM, MSSQL, SSH, SMI-S, SNMP, Oracle, LDAP are some examples of protocols being used for network inventory. vScope will then automatically correlate the information from all these platforms, in order to give a complete picture of your IT.

vScope is an on-prem solution that is securely set up within the boundaries of your organization’s IT. However for the organization it is experienced as SaaS since it is accessed by the user from the browser. Installed in minutes and with maintenance that is almost equal to zero effort are other benefits that makes vScope similar to SaaS.

You can download vScope for free from our download page. The installation will only take a few minutes. By doing this you will get a chance to explore vScope. Try it today!

We at InfraSight Labs will gladly help you get started. We do this through an assisted trial where our product experts help you customize vScope, and train you based on your needs. Read more about this and other trial offers here.

Monitoring supplies you with valuable information when things go wrong. Simply put, it gives you red and green lights for the current status of your environment. vScope is not real-time monitoring, but instead enables a more proactive approach to running your IT-operations. It’s an IT library, with all configurations and relations in one view!

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