vScope 2.1.0 introduces Access Control & Personalized Views. Access Control  makes it possible to restrict vScope usage to specific users.

Another benefit of specific user accounts is that users with own accounts experience higher value with Personalized Views, for things like Dashboards and Table Explorer Presets. Specific user account also facilitates collaboration between staff to achieve higher organizational efficiency.

Administrators can create new Users. Users can placed in Groups. vScope comes with a few suggestions for groups, such as NOC, Network Team, SQL Team, Server Team, Delivery, Managers, Service Desk to start with.

vScope allows Guest Access. This is actually how vScope has been accessed up until today.

  • When Guest Access is enabled, anyone can reach vScope on the web page without having to log in. In Guest Access everyone is sharing the Guest User account.
  • When Guest Access is disabled, only registered users can reach vScope through his/her own account.

Users and Groups are key components in vScope Tracker.