What ports are used by vScope?

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vScope communicates with the world using several different APIs and protocols. Below is a short guide into what ports that needs to be open in your firewall(s) to make vScope work.


Probes are used to collect data used in vScope.

  • VMware ESXi & vCenter: HTTPs (TCP 443)
  • WMI: Initiate session on DCOM (TCP 135) and then continues on random port between 49152-65535. For older versions of Windows (XP & 2003): TCP port 445 & TCP port 139. Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 use random port in the range 1025-5000 after initiated session.
    There are ways to force Windows to use specific ports. See link Microsoft Developer Network – Setting Up a Fixed Port for WMI
  • WinRM: Default TCP ports: 5985 for HTTP and 5986 for HTTPS.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (uses WMI, see above or VMM)
  • SNMP: SNMP (UDP 161), secure-SNMPv3 (UDP 10161)
  • SSH: SSH (TCP 22)
  • Microsoft SQL: Default instance (TCP 1433), SQL Server Browser service (UDP 1434). Other instances: random assigned port
  • MySQL: default (TCP 3306)
  • Amazon Web Services API (AWS): HTTPs (TCP 443) (external target)
  • Microsoft Azure: HTTPs (TCP 443) (external target)
  • NetApp API: HTTP (TCP 80) / HTTPS (TCP 443)
  • SMI-S default ports: TCP port 5988 or TCP port 5989

vScope communication with InfraSight Labs

vScope requires Internet connectivity to communicate with InfraSight Labs’ support systems

  • License & Billing account: https://account.vscope.net/… (HTTPS, TCP 443)
  • vScope software updates: https://dist.vscope.net  (HTTPS, TCP 443)
  • Service functions like Report bug/Secure upload and heartbeat: https://status.vscope.net/… (HTTPS, TCP 443)
  • If you are using vScope’s default mail server for email settings you will also need to allow outgoing connection on TCP port 587 towards smtp.mailgun.org.