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Customize vScope with products

All IT tools on the same platform

All IT tools on one platform

vScope Products basically represents data sources in the datacenter. Every product brings new information to vScope including data tags, out-of-the-box bundled reports and analysis. What makes vScope unique is that all products can connect on the same platform linking all parts of the infrastructure together into one unified picture.

IT infrastructure documentation

A common plattform for the modern organisation

People work smarter

Being able to share reports about any IT information across technical and organizational boundaries saves valuable time and frustration of team members.

Built-in reports guides the way

Each vScope Product comes with bundled reports and analysis to highlight the most important findings within a technical domain.

Scalable & Customizable

Start small and add vScope Products along the subscription. Adding new products to vScope Core automatically unlocks new information, dependencies and relationships in vScope saved from day one of installation.

Documentation, reporting and analysis for…


Secure and efficient backup.
Supporting: Veeam Backup

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Compliance and health checks without scripting.
Supporting: MSSQL, OracleDB, MySQL

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Server infrastructure and physical machines.
Supporting: WMI, WINRM, SSH

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A smart SSL-checker.
Supporting: HTTP/HTTPS

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Inventory of users, groups, access and permission
Supporting: Active Directory, LDAP

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Inventory of SAN configurations and storage optimizations.
Supporting: SMI-S, NetApp

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Laptop & desktop inventory.
Supporting: WMI, WINRM, SSH

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Asset information about network devices.
Supporting: SNMP

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Covers the virtual infrastructure including hosts and VMs.
Supporting: VMware, VMM, WMI

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Document containers, engines and images.
Supporting: Docker

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Track print, copies and paper waste.
Supporting: SNMP

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is vScope licensed?

    vScope is licensed on a subscription based model. Every product is licensed based on so called billable units (BU). For vScope Directory that's a user account, for vScope Server a server OS, for vScope Certficate a certificate etc. In this way you can easily customize vScope for your organizations need.

  • How can I try vScope?

    You can download the platform vScope Inventory for free on our download page. This will give you enough functionality to get started using vScope. We do recommend you to try vScope Unlimited during a so called Assisted Trial which is conducted together with a product expert from InfraSight Labs. Learn more about our trial concepts.

  • How is vScope delivered?

    Currently vScope is delivered on-prem with an installation that is done on a server in your environment.

  • How does vScope’s discovery work?

    vScope’s discovery runs without the use of any agents. That makes it very easy to set up and maintain. An installation rarely takes more than 15-20 minutes. The discovery is configured using credentials and targets.

  • What technologies are supported?

    vScope supports the most popular technologies in the datacenter. Some examples are:
    VMware, Hyper-V, WMI, WinRM, MSSQL, OracleDB, SSH, Linux, Azure Active Directory, Docker, SMI-S, SNMP.

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