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Free up time by lowering the complexity of data backup reporting

vScope Backup provides web based documentation and analysis that allows IT organizations to get a holistic overview of the backup status of their environment. The product goes beyond scripting and monitoring by providing a common and easy-to-use platform for IT to access accurate information about backup. Integrated on the vScope Core platform you will have a complete audit trail from backup job, to virtual machine, to database to storage. A powerful feature that allows you to view backup information side-by-side with data from other resources making vScope Backup valuable for billing/chargeback, compliance, GDPR, SLA follow up and/or project overviews.

vScope Backup simplifies tasks and processes by reducing hours to minutes. Instead of spending resources on data collection and analysis, IT can focus on more valuable tasks and deliver better results for the business.

About vScope

vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT that offers organizations a common view for documentation, reporting and analysis of your entire IT infrastructure. By bridging information from multiple technologies vScope can break the silos of IT and provide a common, unified platform for insights relevant many different roles in the organization. The result is increased transparency according to your needs, lowered dependency to key people, more efficient processes and in the end higher quality of IT delivery.


Correlated information about data backup

Dependency mapping

vScope Backup offers dependency mapping between technological platforms, allowing organizations to visualize information about, for instance storage and virtualization side by side with backup jobs.

Aggregation of information

Automated audits removes manual data collection, analysis and reporting to support a productive IT organizations where resources can be spent on more important matters.

Reduce costs

Consolidate information at one place to reduce administrative efforts, lower the time to resolution and forecast resource and capacity planning. This helps ensuring people having time to focus on priority activities.

data backup
data backup

Make it easy to identify flaws in data backup configurations

Drill-down with the complete map

Go further than alerts about failed backup jobs and investigate VM configurations, database locations or storage information related to data backup.

Perform gap analysis and ensure data protection

Browse all backup jobs from one single view to quickly identify failed or corrupted jobs that might put your data at risk.

Distribute information to the right people

vScope Backup offers customizable reporting allowing IT to build tailored reports and dashboards to both internal or external parties.

Key Features

vScope Backup enables a variety of use cases for IT organizations.

  • Dependency mapping from data backup, VM, OS, database and storage
  • Visualize information from for eg. virtualization side by side with backup information
  • View detailed storage data about backup jobs
  • Growth trends and capacity planning
  • Customized tagging to faster perform gap analysis of backup compliance
  • Perform gap analysis between CMDB and data backup jobs
  • Demonstrate data protection with tailored reports
  • Benchmark and performance analysis
  • Audit and report on service levels and policy compliance
  • Track failed and misconfigured backup jobs
  • For in-house, outsourced and/or cloud IT
  • Benefit from an aggregated view of all data backup jobs


How can I use vScope Backup?

SMB & Enterprise

Increased productivity through automation

vScope automates the efforts related to data collection, correlation and analysis allowing organizations to spend resources on more important matters.

A common platform for the whole organization

Designed for collaboration bringing IT professionals, management and project leaders together on the same platform.

Offering a holistic view of the IT

vScope brings visibility and offers a holistic approach to documentation and analysis of IT. Find out what is installed, how it is configured and what is utilized.

Hosting & MSP

Increase margins

Consolidated reporting and increased productivity helps Hosting & MSP increase the margin of their delivery.

Improved billing basis

Automatic SLA reports and combining backup data with virtualization information allows Hosting & MSP to improve accuracy and the efficiency of their billing routines.

Demonstrate quality of service

Demonstrate service quality to communicate the value of your delivery.

More about Hosting & MSP

Public sector

All-in-one enables cost efficiency

vScope enables scaleable audit of IT meaning that you can fit multiple tools into one single view. Besides facilitating productivity this also offers a more cost efficient solution.

Reduce cost of delivery

Reduce system administrator costs to troubleshoot failures, build reports for colleagues and free time to spend on more important issues.

Lower the need for external competences

Built-in analysis guide IT to interesting findings related to industry best-practice and compliance. An in-house expert consultant working 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Product specification

  • Veeam Backup
Including tags
  • VMs configured for backup
  • Replication pools configured for backup
  • Total data size
  • Last run status
  • Next run
  • Target directory
  • Target directory size
  • Restore points count
  • Job type
    + 30 more tags
Including analysis
  • Veeam Backup is missing
  • Veeam Backup failed
  • Sure backup jobs failed
  • Optimization – High amount of restore points
  • Parallell processing disabled
  • New backup job created
  • Jobs not running in a long time
  • Jobs with restore points older than 30 days
    + 20 more cases

Frequently asked questions

vScope is a subscription-based service with updates, service and support included. Products are licensed on the platform vScope Core, adapted to your environment and your situation. Every product is licensed based on “Billable Units” (BU). For vScope Backup a BU is a backup job meaning that if you, for instance, have 8 jobs you will licensed 10 BUs, 15 jobs = 20 BUs, 199 jobs = 200 BUs etc.

Read more about vScope products here.

vScope supports most technological platforms in a datacenter. VMware, Hyper-V, HTTP, WMI, WinRM, MSSQL, SSH, SMI-S, SNMP, Oracle, LDAP are some examples of protocols being used for network inventory. vScope will then automatically correlate the information from all these platforms, in order to give a complete picture of your IT.

You can download vScope for free from our download page. The installation will only take a few minutes. By doing this you will get a chance to explore vScope. Try it today!

We at InfraSight Labs will gladly help you get started. We do this through an assisted trial where our product experts help you customize vScope, and train you based on your needs. Read more about this and other trial offers here.

Monitoring supplies you with valuable information when things go wrong. Simply put, it gives you red and green lights for the current status of your environment. vScope is not real-time monitoring, but instead enables a more proactive approach to running your IT-operations. It’s an IT library, with all configurations and relations in one view!

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