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SSL checker

SSL checker
SSL checker
SSL checker
SSL checker
SSL checker

SSL certificates – the keys to service availability

A common challenge for IT organizations is to keep check of SSL certificates to ensure the availability of both internal and external web services. This is critical for any organization not wanting to lose reputation, face security vulnerabilities or hurt productivity and revenue generation.

vScope Certificate makes SSL checking across the network easy. Visualize and build reports of valuable information about SSL certificates and automate audits. vScope’s SSL checker extends the landscape of traditional certificate tools and lets users continue to drill down and find information about applications and services that rely on these certificates.


An intuitive way of SSL checking

Automation brings efficiency

Never miss out again! Automate discovery and continuous checks of SSL certificates – regardless of issuer or origin. Full historical traceability further allows you to overview and analyze new certificates added to the network, or certificates that have been removed.

Centralization – easy access for everyone

Consolidate all information about SLL certificates in one common platform. This makes information transparent and easy to access for everyone.

Cross-relation provides the bigger picture

Information about your SSL certificates is automatically cross-related with data from other platforms in the datacenter. This allows you to easily drill down from a certificate to information about the server, database or application accessible behind the certificate.

SSL checker
SSL checker

Simplify SSL checks

Eliminate downtime

Get notified automatically at an early stage when certificates are about to expire or have problems. The SSL checker also highlights older certificate types (e.g. SHA1) which may be incompatible with newer browsers. With information at hand service downtime is easily eliminated.


Take a short-cut to tightened security. The SSL checker can easily pinpoint information such as key strengths and signature algorithms. Let vScope do the auditing and you can focus on the improvements!

History follow up

vScope’s SSL checker gets you notified when new certificates are added, updated or removed from the network in order to maintain a good overview of any unwanted changes that might occur.

Key Features

  • Continuously detect and check SSL/TSL certificates across the network
  • Overview signing algorithms and key strength and ensure security compliance eg. certificates using SHA1
  • Verify SSL certificate validity and expiration
  • Find certificate common name
  • SSL checker that lets you share insights with colleagues in an easy way
  • Get recurring notifications when an SSL certificate is about to expire
  • Drill down from a SSL certificate to understand the underlying relationships and dependencies to other equipment
  • Check & monitor self-signed SSL certificates and those signed by trusted authorities in one single view

Product specification


SSL/TLS certificates

Data & Information
  • Expiry date
  • Signature Algorithm
  • Issue date and age
  • Issuer Name
  • Key Algorithm
  • Key Size
  • Ports
  • Self Signed
  • Subject

And 10+ more

Reports & Analysis
  • Web Certificate encryption is 1024 bit (RSA)
  • Web Certificate is not valid
  • Web Certificate is self signed
  • Web Certificate using weak hash signature
  • Web Certificates use SHA1
  • Web Certificates expires within xx months

vScope Products is all integrated on vScope Core – a cost efficient platform for reporting, analysis and change of IT.
No need to learn multiple tools. Users work efficiently in the same way – regardless of what product or information they are working with.