What is vScope Limited?

vScope Limited is a free solution for organizations wanting a basic documentation of their IT. Although we call this product “Limited”, it offers many strong features such as automated discovery across several platforms, convenient tagging of assets, and features to facilitate collaboration between team members in IT.

All features, limited information

vScope Limited enables several use cases and allows you to evaluate the features of vScope. However you will not be able to access the same amount of information as with a product subscription.

Limited Product subscription
Report building
Number of tags (information) 20-50 1000+
Tailored reports 1-5 100+
Customized tagging
Dedicated resource views
Number of bundled analyses 1-5 1000+
Tailored analysis
Build own analysis
XLSX export
CSV export
 Access to REST API
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Sharing functionality
AD integration
Historical traceabillity
Plot graphs
Free secure online backup
Help & Support
Tips and guidance from a vScope expert

Use cases

A limited version of vScope supports you in many important situations

  • An automatic IT documentation about basically any resource – in one view!
  • A self updating IP plan
  • Overview of both local and domain accounts
  • Automatic printer inventory
  • List all switches in your network
  • Storage inventory
  • Identify SSL certificates across the network
  • View multi-vendor databases in one single view eg. MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL

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DIY Trial

A “Do it yourself” – trial is an easy way to explore the power of vScope on your own. With an unlimited license and full access to digital resources you have everything you need to get started with vScope.

  • 30 days unlimited license
  • Access to digital resources, How-to:s, videos, FAQ etc.
  • Online support

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vScope Assisted Trial

An assisted trial is the most effective way to get value from vScope in no time. Installed and setup together with vScope expert and valuable deliverables which you can keep. This is our most popular trial package.

  • 30 days unlimited license
  • Installation & setup guided by our experts
  • Online training with examples from your own environment
  • Deliverables that you can keep after finished trial
  • Access to digital resources, How-to:s, videos, FAQ etc.
  • Access to personal support throughout the trial

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Tailored vScope Trial

A Tailored vScope Trial is a tailored package designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. The exact scope is crafted for each individual case. A Tailored trial may include:

  • Dedicated concierge contact person during the whole process
  • Multiple licenses – Try vScope at several locations simultaneously
  • Custom trial-license period – longer than 30 days
  • Tailored training and deployment package(s)
  • Priority support
  • On-site training and/or installation

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