Autonomous inventory and
analysis of network devices

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About vScope

vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT that offers organizations a common view for documentation, reporting and analysis of your entire IT infrastructure. By bridging information from multiple technologies vScope can break the silos of IT and provide a common, unified platform for insights relevant many different roles in the organization. The result is increased transparency according to your needs, lowered dependency to key people, more efficient processes and in the end higher quality of IT delivery.


Intuitive inventory and reporting

vScope Network helps organizations keep an updated documentation of all network devices including switches, routers and access points. Real time monitoring is often the go-to-solution when it comes to overviewing these kind of devices. That’s of course a very important function but what such solutions are missing are features related to reporting, dependency mapping and more in-depth information about the devices that are monitored.

vScope offers proactive configuration control and identify potential flaws of your network devices at an early stage. It automatically document and structure information about all devices in one common place where you can share insights with colleagues, build reports and create custom alerts. Accurate data that supports organizations to increase productivity and avoid spending too much time troubleshooting.


A common platform for insights

Relational map

Gain a holistic view of how your network is connected. vScope automatically correlates data from all network devices with the rest of the infrastructure such as virtualization, applications and databases.

Proactive instead of reactive

Identify potential misconfigurations of network devices or changed settings that might affect service delivery.

Stay safe

Unknown holes in the network could allow unauthorized users to access your IT. vScope’s accurate information helps IT professionals to keep all settings on par to avoid flaws and failure.

vscope server
vscope client

Improve network documentation

Update the network inventory

Run a discovery vScope Network and find out what is on your network, how it is configured and get updated when it changes.

Switch port reporting

Track usage of switch ports and benchmark current usage with historical information that is stored in vScope.

Ensure high utilization

Maintaining switch utilization information is tedious when it has to be done manually. Use vScope’s documentation to build and share reports about all switches in the network.

Key Features

  • Updated reports about firmware on switches, routers and access points
  • Active/Inactive ports
  • Track location of switches
  • List warranty information such as serial number, manufacturer and OID
  • Multivendor support
  • Information about TDC/UDP ports
  • Connected VLANs
  • Various address and setting information

Not available

Product specification


All network devices supporting SNMP

Data & Information
  • Active Switch ports
  • Bridge address
  • Physical interfaces MACs
  • Manufacturer
  • OS version
  • Physical network cards
  • Port number
  • Port group – Host number
  • TCP Ports Open
  • And 10+ more
Reports & Analysis
  • Portgroups with same vLAN ID has different names
  • Switch active/inactive ports count low
  • Switch missing location field
  • Switch port configuration (TCP) has changed
  • Switch TCP-port configuration consistency


  • Switch restarted
  • Switches no longer seen by SNMP
  • Unused Portgroups
  • Unused physical network cards
  • And 10+ more

See vScope Network


vScope Products is all integrated on vScope Core – a cost efficient platform for reporting, analysis and change of IT.
No need to learn multiple tools. Users work efficiently in the same way – regardless of what product or information they are working with.