vScope 2.8.0 is here, introducing several major feature upgrades and improvements of vScope Table Explorer together with an updated backend.

Split tables into tabs for a better viewing

As from vScope 2.8.0, we introduce tabs in Table Explorer – giving you a more efficient workflow when building tables and IT documentation. Split tables into tabs by clicking the tabs-dropdown and choose a tab to categorize on. Categorize virtual machines based on resource pools, folders, OS, datastores or anything else. Or make use of your own defined tag values to split tables on SLAs, customers or contact persons.

To help you get started, many Tailored Recommendations have been updated to make use of tabs. Try them out!


Missing your already saved Quick Tabs? These can be found under “Shared Tables” with the ending ‘(Quick Tab)’

View all changes of specific cells

IT infrastructure is always changing. vScope 2.8.0 enables you to trackback any of these changes directly from Table Explorer. Right-click any cell with a non-numeric value and select “Show history timeline”.


You may also plot numeric values in a graph by choosing “Plot history chart”.

Add descriptions to table presets

In vScope 2.8.0 you are able to give Tables a description. Click the pencil button to add a new description or edit an existing description by simply click on the text.


Create new tags from related resources

Have you ever built a table but are missing columns of tags that are not directly related to selected resource? What’s the ESX firmware backing a specific database? Whats is the encryption-type of a server’s web certificate?

With neighboring tags, values from related resources can easily be added into tables, making the best possible use of the unique vScope database model.

  • Find the “Get tag from related resource” dropdown in the Column chooser
  • Select a related (“neighboring“) resource…
  • … and pick any available tag from that resource
  • The tag is created and added to the table
  • The new tag will be available anywhere in vScope after created

neighbourNOTE: This feature is only available to vScope admins.

New powerful database engine

vScope 2.8.0 comes with Kevas 2, the new powerful database engine from InfraSight Labs, enabling faster data handling while only using half of the disk size. Kevas 2 is the most robust build so far and is a big improvement for the vScope experience.

Overall improvements

  • Various bugfixes, including:
    • GUI glitches here and there
    • Fixed problems with saving Azure in the Discovery Wizard
    • Fixed bug which prevented users from getting the Tracker Daily/Weekly/Monthly Updates if Interest settings had not been made
    • Setup page no longer redirects to dashboard but to the Discovery Wizard to help new users get started faster
  • Added a bunch of Toshiba printers to list of known printers
  • Discovery Manager: updated proxy information in wizard
  • Improved license handling
    • Better overview of billable units. Hover over the billable units in the about page to see a more detailed breakdown
    • Clearer notifications of when license has expired

Release 2.8.1

Release 2.8.1 contains bugfixes and minor improvements.


  • Special read-out of IE + version. Also added a new Tailored recommendation.
  • Ability to automatically redirect HTTP request to HTTPS if SSL/HTTPS has been configured and enabled in vScope/Jetty
  • Added a new user page so new users can set password and interests
  • Hide RAM optimized mode when not using in-RAM backend


  • Changed behavior of cell history timeline. When no changes are mad, the first value discovered is shown
  • Fixed browser performance problems in Discovery Manager
  • Fixed problem where OS Name was not populated correctly for virtual machines discovered by VMM
  • Link virtual disks to VMs even if link to host file system is missing (VMM)
  • Fix NullPointerException when adding new tracker case from Table-Explorer
  • Fixed problem not being able to create widgets
  • Updated to Angular version to 1.5.0
  • Fixed problem not being able to right-click filter cells without value
  • Fixed problem with scheduling icon not always showing up
  • Fixed problem with testing on IP-ranges in Discovery Manager
  • And a few more bugfixes…