The new version of vScope includes several exciting features to help you to improve the understanding of your IT and to faster go from insight to action.

Automatically enrich your vScope data with Dynamic Tags

vScope 2.8.5 comes with support for so called DYNAMIC TAGS which enables you to customize tagging in vScope to fit your specific needs. Automatically add site tags to servers based on IP or why not relate servers to certain customers by automatically add a customer tag?

  1. With help of the filter section, define a rule for which resources that should be tagged
  2. Open up the the tag editor and define the name of the tag
  3. Define if the tag value should be based a fixed value or on another tag

Notice that a preview of the tag is always displayed directly in Table Explorer which makes it easy for you to work DYNAMIC TAGS!

Quickly manage your tags with the Tag Manager

In order to manage your tags, we’ve included the brand new TAG MANAGER which let’s you easily overview all DYNAMIC TAGS added to your data in vScope. The TAG MANAGER can be found under the settings dropdown in the top navigation bar.

tag manager

TAG MANAGER gives you the power to customize, add or remove tags to your resources in vScope – An easy way to ensure the quality of your tagging!

tag manager

Improved Timeline in Machine Properties

In vScope 2.8.5 you are able to hide specific tags in the TIMELINE in Machine Properties so that it better presents information that is relevant for you. Just click the hide icon to hide all events with the same title from TIMELINE. You can easily unhide any events under the cogwheel dropdown.

hide timline

The TIMELINE now also shows initial values set on the machine.

Easily overview IP ranges spaces in your datacenter

With the IP PLANNER, you’ll benefit from better overview of IP ranges. For instance, find an available IP address with just a click of a button.


IP overview

Connect vScope to your directory service

Let your directory service authenticate the users accessing vScope to faster get started working in vScope. vScope 2.8.5 includes support for LDAP and Active Directory which means that there is no need to configure new user accounts for your vScope installation. Get started instantly by activating LDAP under the setting page in vScope:

  1. With an admin user, open up the LDAP section
  2. Enable AD integration by clicking the toggle
  3. Authenticate your directory service
  4. Now vScope can be used by anyone in your active directory!


Overall improvements

  • Added link to latest release notes under the About page
  • Allow special characters such as “_”, “-” and “.” in the username
  • Improved tracker cases for Panda Endpoint
  • Now able to add targets shorter than three characters in DISCOVERY MANAGER
  • Share functionality now support shares of specific tabs
  • Split tag “Last Failed Login” into “Last failed Login User” etc.
  • Support for activating/deactivating all targets and credentials in DISCOVERY MANAGER

Various bug fixes

  • Corrected formatting when opening tracker cases in TABLE EXPLORER
  • Fixed bug when plotting graph of some values
  • Fix for guest users able to remove shared tables
  • Fixed bug with scroll bar appearing in the middle of Column chooser on retina displays
  • Fixed various mouse hover issues
  • Fixed error message when testing credential on database server
  • Fixed error occurring when creating Tracker case
  • Increased limit for SMIS-S probe
  • Last found age matching Last found date
  • Replace invalid characters
    [ ] * / : ? when naming Excel sheets in table export
  • Tabbing table not always showing uncategorized tab

Release 2.8.6

Release 2.8.6 is a fix release and contain both some improvements and various bug fixes


  • AD/LDAP integration does no longer create targets for discovery by default
  • Fixes under setting site for AD/LDAP
  • TAG MANAGER is now enabled by default
  • Select all now also selects rows that isn’t yet loaded into Table Explorer
  • Updated texts and descriptions in IP OVERVIEW
  • Updated to new logo everywhere


  • Removing tags from TAG MANAGER now also removes them from the Columns chooser
  • Updated release notes link to correct address
  • Various bug fixes under the AD/LDAP section in settings

Release v2.8.7

  • Fixed bug not making it possible to create first user at setup