Share Dashboard & Reports to Users With Limited Insight

vScope 3.7 makes it easier for IT organizations to distribute information to people with limited insights in the datacenter.

Share Custom Views and Reports With Limited Users

Viewers in vScope are users with very limited insights in vScope. This role is perfect for any external party that you want to share vScope information to. In vScope 3.7 you will be able to build and share Dashboards with Viewers. An easy way to distribute information to anyone that should be able to view everything in vScope.

Manual price items for service fees, support hours and consultancy

Manual price items allows you to add costs to billing basis that are not automatically updated by vScope. Manual price items are  perfect complement to the items that can’t be automatically managed by vScope. Service fees and number of monthly support hours are two examples of what you probably want to add to your billing basis in vScope.

Easier tag management

Tag Manager in vScope has got a facelift and now makes it easier for you to view, rename and customize your manually crated tags.

Additional news

New User Role: Contributor

Assign users a Contributor role in vScope to allow them to add and edit content within vScope eg. tags, Tracker cases and tables. Contributors will not however be able to administrate user permissions, discovery scope or integrations. That is up to the administrators.

You can read more about the different user groups at our support page.

A new Properties page for Datastores

View relevant settings and configuration about Datastore in one view. In vScope 3.7 you have it all served in a Properties page.
(Virtualization required)



  • VMware Probe has been updated resulting in doubled (!) inventory speed
  • View current process of each IP in Discovery Manager
  • The user’s profile icon is now displayed in Dashboard and Table Explorer to indicate owner of content
  • More information about users are discovered from Azure AD
  • You can no longer click a widget when in edit mode. That is a good thing. So you don’t accidentally navigate away
  • Reinstalling vScope? Guest user is no longer available for security best practice
  • New tag for virtualization hosts: ‘Maintenance mode’
  • New tag for “Time Since Last Patch”
  • Improvements of Discovery Manager to allow faster scoped Discovery
  • Minor, but nice, improved UI for the label background of a credential/target in Discovery Manager
  • You can now filter on CIFS Share Access Control Entry Subjects in Table Explorer
  • Improvements in UI when adding tags on Properties page

vScope Cloud Spend

  • Updated content for vScope Cloud Spend
  • Added more tags related to Azure AD

vScope Billing

  • Billing Account tag is now shown on Properties pages
  • Users can now copy price lists from existing price list. The new price list will not be connected to the source in any way.

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for user not being able to trigger multiple Discoveries
  • Widgets were not showing historical changes. That is fixed now
  • Discovery Manager is no longer suggesting you to remove Disabled targets
  • Fix for user not being able to share Tracker cases
  • Billing items were not properly formatted
  • Role Viewer was overruling Role Administrator. Fixed.
  • Fix for tag duplicate when leaving tag empty on Properties page

vScope 3.7.2

Overall improvements

  • New content about BitLocker and encryption settings for File systems and disks
  • Basic support for “Custom branding” on vScope from settings page
  • vScope now supports scoped discovery to platforms not requiring a target (eg. Azure RM)
  • Added Last Found Date tag to some new resources
  • Added “hop” between the resources Snapshot and Datastore and Sites and Certificates
  • Support to ignore Local users for SSH
  • Action buttons are now a little bit bigger
  • Improvements to the Properties page for Subscription

Various bug fixes

  • Remove option to delete a Smart Target
  • Type for local SSH account showed “Null”
  • Fix for selection that got stuck
  • Remove duplicate Dashboards for Azure
  • Fix for empty IP:s on certificates found by Docker

vScope 3.7.3

This update focuses completely on enhanced user experience. This includes various optimizations of Dashboard, Table Explorer, Properties, plots and more.

Overall improvements

  • Improvements in the WinRM probe resulting in better coverage of certificates and IIS sites

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for viewer not able to group tables
  • Fix for confirmation box not showing
  • Unable to add conditions to Price items in vScope Billing
  • Fix for various minor design bugs