This is a major release. The headline is of course Tracker 2, but there are lots and lots of fixes and other features in this one!

Tracker 2

Tracker has gone though a major facelift!

  • Follow individual cases to receive in depth notifications by email. Follow keeps you updated on change
  • Update your profile with Interests. This makes your Tracker-list more relevant
  • Mute the cases you do not want to track and they will disappear
  • Receive an email-summary once in a while to keep you on top of what’s going on in your datacenter
  • Create instant widgets for each Interest on the dashboard
  • Ignore results directly from the detailed presentation
  • Search among tracker cases and results
  • Link from Machine Properties to Tracker showing where this machine is mentioned

We’ve also updated the editor, released new cases and new computations.


But there is more:

Windows (WMI)

  • Support to read Windows Update settings
  • Support to read Windows RDP settings
  • Fixed a bug related to MS SQL where database files not being mapped correctly to database instance
  • Support to fetch data about Virus definitions: F-Secure, Trend Micro, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, McAfee and Symantec. So far, no tags make this visible
  • Last logged in Windows user
  • Lots of information about RAM page files, including tags and Tracker cases

Microsoft SQL

  • Avoid reading full SQL-log file (EXEC xp_readerrorlog). This could make vScope stall.
  • Added reading of SQL log size info
  • Tracker cases and tags for SQLlog sizes
  • Various bug-fixing

SSH (Linus & Unix)

  • SSH probe now queries for SSHd port settings

Table Explorer & Tags

  • Added tag “System Installed Applications Vendors” to facilitate License Audit
  • Added TSM preset suggestion
  • Updated Windows Patches preset

Quick Tabs

  • Fixed bugs in Quick Tabs making invisible tabs visible by mistake
  • Added missing Custom Time-span function in Quick Tabs


  • Hybrid backend is now the default option


  • Fixed bug: Scheduling extra heartbeat due to error log entry via separate thread to avoid call-loop via logging framework
  • Performance improvements in Hybrid backend (aka Kevas), and some bugfixes too
  • Invalidated access token after successful settings of password, to avoid possible reuse of se-password link in emails. Blocking of login/authentication without password
  • Tightened user access control functions
  • Lots of browser-fixes, especially for IE
  • Fixed bug which accidentally locked elements from automatic removal when found by several probes
  • Improved handling of online backup data
  • Indication of BETA-releases in top-bar