Connect with remote login directly from vScope!

This release is to make you even more efficient with vScope! Discover and make valuable insights in vScope. Then, go directly to the machine and take action! From now on, you may click on a machine in vScope for an instant remote login-session (password required for security reasons of course). The remote login-feature can be reached from Table Explorer, Quick Tabs, Tracker and from the Machine Properties page.

From Machine Properties:remoteconnect

On right-click from a table somewhere (Tracker, Table Explorer, Quick Tabs):

As usual, a vScope release comes with lots of improvements. Here are a few more:

Machine properties page

  • Windows patches are now clickable from the Machine properties page, and leads to information at Microsofts website


  • Possibility to ignore several hits in tracker
  • Changes summary now puts changes at the top of the list


  • Optimization in DB metadata creation. Makes vScope database grow significantly slower.
  • Added fallback stitching of MS SQL and Windows operating system when info is scarce
  • Fixed problem with values changing “all the time” (Hyper-V + Windows discovery)
  • Fixed problem preventing Summary emails to be sent
  • Fixed problems in IE (especially older versions) sometimes selecting the wrong function on webpage