On the surface, vScope 2.5.6 is a maintenance release. It holds a few valuable improvements and additions. On the backend side this release is a start of the new vScope Suite where use-case specific modules are being offered.

Table Explorer

Rewrote the whole Table Explorer with new code to make it faster and more responsive! The functionality is the same as before, with a few improvements:

  • New search-function in filter-box. Search for both tag name and value in one search expression. Use
    [Tag name = Tag value], Example: Find filters for Installed Applications = Adobe


  • New and easier way to create Quick Tabs directly from Table Explorer


  • Added function for reverting preset changes
  • Limit column width in xlsx-export to 120, to avoid error when exporting sheets with long text


  • Added button for mute/unmute to Tracker detailed view
  • Fixed interest headings disappering in “All” when muting a case
  • Improvements and additions to Tracker cases
  • Added button in Tracker result view to ignore a machine from case results for selected cases


Click button to ignore machine ad.isl.local from many cases at once

  • Ignore several hits in Tracker cases. Mark several hits and ignore them from results


Ignore all the selected machines from this particular case


A future plan is to break out vScope into several modules, all representing a use case. In this version a few preparations has been made:

  • Two modules are introduced: Full Suite (which is the licensed vScope) and Basic (which is a very stripped version).
  • Tags were broken out from the model into a separate module

Discovery & Backend

  • Improved stitching of disks in Hyper-V + Windows OS. The solution fixes a problem when scanning with Hyper-V/WMI + OS/WMI, but not yet for VMM/WMI
  • Added info icon to user list on settings page when user has no password set
  • Fixed problems where Windows machines sometimes were mistakenly removed due to partial WMI-scan
  • Added several Fibre Channel queries to NetApp probe
  • First discovery of EMC SAN via SMI-S
  • Fixed various bugs relating to Internet Explorer, e.g. User being forcefully logged out and appearance in Tracker
  • Fixed bug where manual tags on re-appearing machines were not re-applied