See your SAN in vScope!

Discover. Map. Analyze. Optimize. Monitor.

Discover. Using SMI-S, vScope can now connect to almost any SAN. Initial focus has been on mapping EMC VNX and NetApp-SANs, but the SMI-S standard is compatible with most larger SAN-vendors.

Map your SAN with relations and dependencies. These do not only include the relations and dependencies within the SAN-inself, but they are reach across the whole datacenter! Easily map the dependencies between ex business critical databases and physical SAN-Disks.

Analyze the SAN using Table Explorer, or let vScope analyze it automatically using Tracker.

Optimize. This new integration comes with pre-loaded analysis features to help you fine-tune your SAN for best cost- and performance. All in the name of higher ROI.

Monitor your SAN using Tracker and receive email updates on storage level as well as configuration problems and hardware problem.StorageTableResources

  • New Table Resource types are added
    • SAN Systems (The SAN Storage computing hardware)
    • SAN Storage Pools
    • SAN File Systems
    • SAN Disk Drives
    • SAN Snapshots (where applicable)
    • LUNs
  • Previous resource types for NetApp are removed and resources are mapped into the new structure


Performance improvements

We have made many different optimizations in this release, all in order to increase speed and performance. These include:

  • Speed up opening project. Result: 10 to 500 times faster
  • Free text search on large datasets. Approx 5 times faster.
  • Fixed bug with browser lag when expanding filter with many values (e.g. Applications or users/groups).Result is about 10 times faster
  • Fixed bug where vScope could be very slow after going back and forth between Dashboard and Table Explorer. Approx 10 times faster
  • Optimizations of opening dashboard with widgets and tables, especially those built on file systems. Result is 10 times faster
  • Other loading optimizations in Table Explorer
  • Added further robustness in backend systems

Table Explorer

  • Fixed bug in the Column Chooser that marked columns as visible even if they were not
  • Added loading indicator to filter panel tags and table tag selector


  • Updated vScope tracker case for Java 8
  • Case to find VMs with NIC power saving enables in the OS
  • Case to find machines where no users have logged in for long
  • Case to find machines where users are logged in for a long time
  • Selection dots are now properly hidden when ignoring elements in case results

Discovery and probes

  • SMI-S storage discovery
  • Added Fibre Channel adapter extraction to VMware probe
  • Fixed problem where vScope didn’t update DNS-servers during discovery
  • WMI: Add power saving setting model elements to network adapters
  • Updated translated Java classed to CIM model version 2.43.0
  • Added info about OS Last Logged in Age / Time, OS User SIDs Logged In / Count
  • Added filesystem to database association in SQL-discovery


  • Fixed problem with cells in Excel-export
  • And a lot of other fixes and improvements…