vScope 2.6.11 is a smaller release, but it still includes a number of useful new things!

Increase discovery accuracy by excluding clients

When having servers and clients on the same IP-range, vScope can now be forced to only discovery servers. Follow the steps in this FAQ to exclude clients from discovery: http://infrasightlabs.com/ignoring-windows-clients-in-discovery

Charting from Machine Properties

The charting functionality has been imroved and charting is now also available from the Machine properties page.

ChartingMPAnd a few other fixes:

  • Discovery of forced reboot registry key for Windows 2012
  • Improvements in SMI-S discovery for HP 3PAR
  • Fixed bug making which made it impossible to remove printers from the vScope database
  • Fixed broken tag: Fill rate on Datastores
  • Additional tags on Databases: Software, Version and Edition
  • Automatically find links from other tags and place them in a tag called Links
  • Updates in Tracker cases
  • A few frontend fixes for various browsers