Change tracking

ChangetrackercasesDetecting change has become even easier in vScope. Let’s say you want to track any change of a specific value, like when RAM, CPU or HDD changes on a server. Just add a Tracker case for that using vScope’s new change-computation! As always, there are lots of example-cases which can be used right away. These are found under a new Interest-label called “Change”.










vScope introduces growth prediction of storage elements. Predictions are based on monthly and weekly averages. These new values are presented under tags called Fill Rate and Estimated Full, and new Tracker cases are presented to detect e.g. File Systems predicted to be full in a certain period of time.


SAN Storage improvements

SAN-storage (SMI-S) discovery has been further improved, with e.g. IO-performance-data.

Furthermore the relationships between the SAN and the rest of the datacenter has been further visualized. For instance, found of which databases and services which are using which storage component.

Table Explorer & Filtering

  • ColumnChooserImprovementsEasily toggle between all and only selected columns
  • Easily remove column by clicking (x)






  • Introduced Change-tracking
  • Renamed “Changed” to Worse. Changed was previously used when highlighting that there were more hits in a case than before.
  • The functionality is still the exact same, only the name is new
  • Fixed bug, now not sending Follow-emails for muted cases

Machine Properties

  • Removed domain users & groups from timeline
  • More Properties on the Machine Properties has been updated with info about web-certificates
  • Showing correct info with regards to NTP-server settings on Machine Properties page
  • Added percentage to Machine Properties bar charts on storage


  • Fixed problem deleting physical switches from vScope database
  • Fixed tags DiskDrive System and DiskDrive Size for NetApp physical disks
  • Fixed wrong renaming of tracker widget when adding a new user
  • Better support for time server setting controlled by domain. Added tag NTP Sync Type which can be NT5DS, NTP or NoSync.
  • Fixed bug in tag VMs count on hosts
  • Fixed tags DiskDrive System and DiskDrive Size for NetApp physical disks
  • Fixed problem with Credential Manager to automatically testing credentials when entering them
  • Enabled toggle on individual values when “All Values” is active
  • Fixed range filter not changing state when toggling “All values”
  • Added support for dates in filter ranges.
  • Fixed filter panel showing range filter on non-numeric values
  • Fixed filter panel states not resetting when removing a filter


  • Better support for careful handing when forcefully closing down vScope server. This is a problem which has corrupted vScope installations when servers were restarted outside vScope