Charting in vScope

With the introduction of charting in vScope, it is now possible to trend a single value over time. From Table Explorer, just right click on any value and select “Plot history chart”


  • Hoover over chart to see details from any specific timestamp
  • Plot charts over preset periods (e.g. 1week, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months), or…
  • …use a custom timespan where you decide exact dates
  • Export chart to a png-file (not available in IE-browsers)
  • Charts can be moved around the screen, and you can have several charts open at the same time








Discovery & tags

Added discovery and tag for MSDTC identity. Also added Tracker case to secure MSDTC identity is unique among e.g cloned servers
Fixed various problems in WMI-discovery, which could lead to corrupt database

Various improvements in SAN-discovery, including:

  • Improved credentials check. Now not returning OK if result contains 0 elements
  • Improved stitching of LUNs between VMware and SMI-S
  • Fix stitching of ISCSI-LUNs from SMI-S
  • Added LUN descriptor extraction from VMware
  • Various fixes for SMI-S on IBM StorWize
  • Various fixes for SMI-S on Dell Compellent
  • Fixed problem with hanging NetApp-probe


  • Place tracker case status first in email subject
  • Various stability improvements in hybrid/kevas database engine.
  • Fixed right click menu on quick tabs
  • Fixed problem with scrollbar disappearing