Change Tracking from Table Explorer

vScope 2.6.10 takes change tracking to a new level. Simply right-click on a value in the Table Explorer to set a change tracker for an individual value or a whole column.


Editing improvements in Quick Tabs

  • Open an existing Quick Tabs-preset in Table explorer to edit new columns, filters etc. Save it again as a Quick Tabs-preset over the old one.
  • Make small changes to the Quick Tabs preset by opening the edit function


Release 2.6.9 and 2.6.10 also includes a few other improvement and bug-fixes:

  • Discovery & Database
    • Fixed problem in OS Resource where the OS name could wrongly display the VM name if the VMware powered OFF and never discovered by another probe than VMware
    • Fixed wrong dependency between VMs and hosts where VMs were discovered by both VMM and WMI/Hyper-V and moved between hosts
  • Tracker
    • Updated Tracker case for patch warnings
    • Set auto-follow for storage warning on vScope-server itself
    • When creating a tracker case, it is automatically followed
  • Tags
    • Added Fill Rate- tags on databases
    • New/updated tags for IBM Storewize disk drives
  • Machine Properties
    • Removed OS last active user profile time from timeline
  • Credential Manager
    • No longer showing characters in cleartext while entering SNMP credential
  • Table Explorer
    • Fixed filter- issues with 0 in ranges