vScope v2.7.0 is a major release including many new features and improvements.

Gain insights and become a master in Database Management

SQL_Oracle_and_MySQLIn this release we have made major additions to database management. MS SQL has gone though a major uplift and we are also introducing support for Oracle databases.


  • One tool to easily browse all your databases – regardless of type
  • Continuous health checks with Tracker
  • Map relationships between databases and other relevant infrastructure, such as storage, virtualization and connected services


Microsoft SQL

Much more functionality; new tags and a bunch of new tracker cases to help you better manage your databases!


We are proud to announce vScope can now discover Oracle too.





Patch management

It was strong already, but Patch management in vScope is now even better!

  • Find machines which are pending a manual restart with System Auto Update Reboot Required. Tags and Tracker cases has been added
  • Split port from WU Server and WU Status Server into separate field. Makes the tracker case comparing the two ignoring the port setting.
  • New Tag: Auto Update WU Server Port

Windows Firewall Settings

Windows firewall settings can now be displayed and monitored in vScope.

A new resource: “Jobs”

Get an overview of all scheduled jobs running in your datacenter. vScope are now collecting scheduled jobs in a separate resource. To begin with, jobs from Microsoft SQL are there, but you can expect to see more in this area to come.


History on NotesNoteHistoryTimeline

  • Find the history of all Notes
  • Search among notes and the users that created them



Clickable linksNoteTextarea

Links in Machine Properties and other links, from e.g. VMware comment fields, are now clickable directly from the Machine Properties page.

Set links to webpages, internal resources or folders

Improved VMware memory resource management

Easily pinpoint VMs and hosts with RAM-problems by identifying ballooning and swapped memory. Tracker cases and tags added!


Discovery Manager – A one-stop-shop for targets, credentials and discovery

Discovery Manager is a one-stop-shop for targets, credentials and discovery. The interface has gone through a major facelift and we have also introduced a number of enhancements:

  • Separated views for targets, credentials and discoveries
  • Integrated panel for discovery status (which was in a different view before)
  • Much better possibilities to edit both target and credentials
  • Possibilities to re-assign both targets and credentials to eachother
  • Use the same credential on several platforms (e.g a windows AD-account on WMI, SQL and VMware)
  • Use skip-lists to exclude IP-numbers in a range from being discovered
  • Use a Proxy-vScope for discoveries behind firewalls (see below)


Discovery using proxy

Discovery_ProxiesvScope Proxy is a separate software which can be installed somewhere where the master-vScope has problems performing a discovery, e.g. behind a firewall.The proxy software is resource efficient and does not require a separate server. See the proxy as a smarter type of agent, which can also discover its’ surroundings. The vScope proxy performs its’ own discovery on its’ assigned subnet. The discovery results are then shared with the master vScope over one single port.

Discovery optimizations and improvements

Quite a few optimizations have been made to the discovery. This relates to speed, performance, read-problems to mention a few things.

  • A large number of optimizations for discovery speed and robustness
  • Improved SMI-S discovery to catch situation where discovery could fail
  • Better handling of Hyper-V clones
  • Fixed bug in Datastore prediction tag: Est Full

Improvements of the first time-setup page

Add web proxy settings to setup-page when vScope has problems reaching the Internet. Removed step where targets and credentials were inputted. This in now moved to after initial setup to make process more lean.


  • Pre-defined user-groups in vScope were removed
  • Fixed problems rendering graphs in widgets
  • Improvements in charting
  • Fixed problem updating profile picture
  • Speed improvements in fetching timeline on Machine Properties