These releases includes both new features and functionality that makes vScope better than ever.

When using vScope for the first time, after this update you might need to clear the browser’s cache by doing a so call hard refresh (CTRL+F5) –

Schedule emails to tables

Looking for a way to recieve periodic and self updating reports of your IT? The new Scheduling function enables you to easily setup email reports that can be distributed to you and your IT-organization.

  1. Create a table (or select an already existing one) in Table Explorer
  2. Click dropdown button ‘Share’ and select ‘Schedule Email’
  3. Input additional information about your report including: Name, Schedule settings and Recipients
  4. If you wish, enter a custom message to be included in the email
  5. Click ‘Save’ and you’re done!

The recipients will now receive scheduled email updates including links to selected table. One link shows the latest revision of the table. Another one highlights changes between the last day/week/month.

Discovery Manager – A one-stop-shop for targets, credentials and discoveries

Discovery Manager is a one-stop-shop for targets, credentials and discovery. The interface has gone through a major facelift and we have also introduced a number of enhancements:

  • Separated views for targets, credentials, discoveries, discovery settings and proxies
  • Integrated panel for discovery status (which was in a different view before)
  • Better possibilities to test your settings before discovery (e.g. credentials used everywhere or in a range)
  • Much better possibilities to edit both target and credentials from separate views
  • Possibilities to re-assign both targets and credentials to each other
  • Use skip-lists to exclude IP-numbers in a range from being discovered
  • Use a Proxy-vScope for discoveries behind firewalls (see below)

Discovery using proxy

vScope Proxy is a separate software which can be installed somewhere where the master-vScope has problems performing a discovery, e.g. behind a firewall.The proxy software is resource efficient and does not require a separate server. See the proxy as a smarter type of agent, which can also discover its’ surroundings. The vScope proxy performs its’ own discovery on its’ assigned subnet. The discovery results are then shared with the master vScope over one single port.

Want to add a proxy to your vScope? Please read more on our FAQ or make use of the brand new Discovery Manager Wizard.

Discovery Manager Wizard

Discovery Manager Wizard helps both new and experienced users of vScope to quicker setup its Discovery Manager. With help of a three step tutorial you can now quickly add new content, such as Database servers, SAN and Proxies, to your Discovery Manager. Here’s how:

  • Step 1 – Select what you want to discover and add to your Discovery Manager
  • Step 2 – Please input credentials and targets. The Wizard will help you with suggestions of already input credentials and targets so you can quickly move forward.
  • Step 3 – Done. If everything went well the content was added to your Discovery Manager. The Wizard will provide help and further information if needed if something went wrong e.g. invalid credentials or targets

Jobs Resource

  • Updates to include scheduled jobs on windows machines
  • Fixed problems where jobs discovery was insufficient when using Java 7 or older

Overall improvements

  • Various updates of Tracker cases, and a few new ones too
  • New Tracker Cases
    • Overcommitted RAM on VMware Hosts for running virtual machines (Granted in vSphere)
    • SwitchPorts in Use (high/low utilization)
  • New Tags, e.g.
    • Host RAM Ballooned / Overhead / Swap (VMware)
    • SwitchPorts in Use  (and count)
    • SwitchPorts inactive (and count)
  • Improved Tags:
    • Host RAM Usage – now sums hostMemoryUsage on each VM instead of guestMemoryUsage
  • Improved VMware Probe
    • Merge LUNs when scanning vCenter
  • Improvements in printer discovery
  • First break-out of modules
  • New widget-framwork
  • And a lot of other improvements and refinements