v2.9 brings many new major features and upgrades into vScope. New widgets, improved filter functionality, redesigned VSCOPE TRACKER emails – everything built to give you valuable insights into your IT.

Better overview with new Dashboard Widgets

In vScope v2.9, new Dashboard widgets have been included to give you a quicker overview of your datacenter.

Top 5 Widgets

Curious about the largest VMs, fastest growing databases or the longest user sessions in your datacenter? The TOP 5 WIDGETS is your way to list the top elements of a table built in TABLE EXPLORER. With the trend triangles you will quickly identify how specific data about resources tends to change and hovering a widget will also show you more information about the specific top list.

Top 5 widget

Define your own TOP 5 WIDGETS by sorting a table on a specific column and click “Add Top 5 widget to Dashboard“.

create top5 widget

Notice how the columns are mapped in the widget:


Tracker case widgets

The new TRACKER CASE WIDGETS are built to be displayed on public monitors in your office space and give you and your colleagues quick insights about the compliance of your datacenter. The TRACKER CASE WIDGETS come in two different versions:


Adding a SINGLE TRACKER CASE WIDGET to your dashboard will give quick information about the status of any selected Tracker case in order for you to better keep up with the status of your IT. Widgets are colored green as long as the case is not opened and will turn into given severity color whenever it’s opened.


Hovering an open SINGLE TRACKER CASE WIDGET gives you a glimpse of the items in the Tracker case to help you to faster get going with resolving it.



The new TRACKER REPORT WIDGETS give you information on how your overall Tracker health has changed since last Discovery. Overview how many cases that have been opened or which cases you’re making progress on directly from your personal Dashboard.


Sort widgets with drag and drop

The new version of vScope brings drag-and-drop functionality into the Dashboard. Now you can sort widgets any way you want by just clicking and dragging the widget into the right position.


Gain better insight – directly from your email inbox

Redesigned email notifications gives you better updates about your VSCOPE TRACKER and the compliance of your IT directly from your inbox.


Provides you with all necessary information about your followed cases. Are you making progress? What has changed?



The new version of the Summary & News email now also provides you with the current compliance of your interests in vScope for better control over that is relevant for you



Ensure that the cases that is relevant for you stays up-to-date. The newly invented Tracker Overview email delivers full insight about the followed cases in vScope.


Extended filter functionality gives you better control

In vScope v2.9 you are able to build more advanced filter queries than ever in TABLE EXPLORER. By drag-and-drop filter boxes, you can now easily combine filter expressions to only show data that fulfill your requirements. By double-clicking the filter box you can split the AND expression back into two separate filters. Easy!


Multiple wildcard filtering gives you the opportunity to match unlimited amount search expressions – defined by you.


Want to take a shortcut filtering IPs? IP range filtering let you easily show resources in a specific IP range.


Additional features

Support for directory services is now default in vScope v2.9

Let your directory service authenticate the users accessing vScope to faster get started. vScope 2.9 includes support for both LDAP and Active Directory which means that there is no need to configure new user accounts for your vScope installation. Get started instantly by activating LDAP under the setting page in vScope:

  1. With an admin user, open up the LDAP section
  2. Enable AD integration by clicking the toggle
  3. Authenticate your directory service
  4. Now vScope can be used by anyone in your active directory!


Schedule Discoveries multiple times a day

Want to Discover resources that usually isn’t available when vScope’s Discovery is running? VSCOPE DISCOVERY MANAGER has now been upgraded with support for multiple Discoveries a day. This feature can be found under the settings menu in DISCOVERY MANAGER.


Single target scans

If you’re looking for a way to quickly update the information about a specific server – wait no more! vScope v2.9 enables you to easily re-discover information of a server at any time. Just hit the “More” dropdown and select “Rescan…” in MACHINE PROPERTIES.

Configure other users’ profiles

The new login-as-another-user feature gives you, as an administrator of vScope v2.9, the opportunity to configure any vScope user’s profile. Help your colleague with setting up a relevant Dashboard, prepare a Tracker profile for a consultant or setup some scheduled emails for a friend who needs it the most!


Overall improvements

  • Added User as default tag in Tables about the resource type Services
  • Added label for Comment, Purpose and URL in MACHINE PROPERTIES
  • Enabled scroll functionality in the Tracker Case description area
  • Gain tailored insights faster by setting up personal interests when starting vScope for the first time
  • Improved context menus in TRACKER
  • Search functionality in the widget dropdown in DASHBOARD
  • Updated settings for email notifications

Various bug fixes

  • Credential count no longer doubles in DISCOVERY MANAGER when editing a target
  • Filter panel search no longer breaks on new tag
  • Fix for console error when opening TABLE EXPLORER for the first time
  • Fix for when saving tracker cases with filters
  • Fix for when opening COLUMN CHOOSER the whole page becomes scrollable
  • Header offset for Firefox is now displayed correctly
  • Re-linked broken Tracker change images
  • Resolved issue with unmuting tracker cases
  • The Tracker section in MACHINE PROPERTIES no longer includes muted cases

Release 2.9.1


  • Added suport for basic presentation mode of the DASHBOARD which auto-refresh your data presented every hour
  • Improved share functionality let’s you faster share your tables and insight
  • Replace “No data” value from DASHBOARD with a “0” value
  • TABLE EXPLORER fetches rows also on resorting

Various bug fixes

  • AND filter now working as expected
  • Fix for filtering tracker cases error
  • Fix for unstable dynamic tagging
  • Fix for wildcard search
  • Hide row icon now follows on scroll