Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15

vScope v2.9.15 is maintenance release containing many performance optimizations, especially for larger (> 1000 servers) installations. A few minor features has made its way to this release as well:

The release includes:

  • Tracker cases to easily find all SHA1 web certificates. Modern browsers are about to stop supporting them
  • Special email-notification to vScope Admins when vScope disk is full
  • Possibility to tailor table export formats. Found as a new separate heading under Settings
  • WMI performance improvement towards Citrix-servers
  • Improvements in SSH-probe to read data from SLES och RHEL Linux distributions
  • Tailored suggestion table “Server List” now visible again
  • Oracle-probe now supports “login as SYSDBA”
  • Improvement in IP Insight when having many IP-ranges
  • Quick-loading of columns in Table Explorer
  • Faster querying of historical values
  • Correct showing test credentials result of SC VMM