A new version of vScope has just been released. We call it v2.9.16 and includes, besides overall improvements and fixes, some completely new functionality that makes vScope better than ever.

Support for Azure Resource Manager

vScope v2.9.16 introduces extended support for Azure with the Azure Resource Manager Probe. This probe will automatically discover data from the cloud environment and let you build tables, Tracker cases and reports about it in vScope. Example of information that is Discovered:

  • VMs, including information about costs
  • Databases, also including data about costs
  • Virtual Networks

More cloud data will be added continuously so please feel free to contact us with any feedback!

How to add Azure Resource Manager

The Azure Resource Manager can easily be added from the Discovery Wizard. Just open up Discovery Manager, click “+Add More” and select the probe under the Cloud category.

A new resource type – File System Shares

A file share is a file system which is shared by being mounted on multiple servers at the same time. A neat way to share resources between servers and users. However, it will also introduce some security threats which means that we need to make sure that the shares are only accessible by eg. eligible users (also related to GDPR). vScope v2.9.16 introduces a new resource type that will support on this security mission – File shares! It can be found under the Resource dropdown and currently shows basic information about CIFS and NFS shares. More to come (permission settings, conncted systems, etc.)

Make better use of graphs by exporting the data

By plotting graphs, we can get a better overview of trends and changes in the datacenter. vScope v2.9.16 extends this functionality by letting users export the actual data points to CSV format. Just:

  • Select what data to plot…
  • …the time span…
  • …click the “Download”-dropdown and select CSV…
  • Done!

Additional features

AD integration – Support for sub group permission

vScope v2.9.16 improves the AD integration in vScope by now also including sub group permissions from the Active Directory. This means that vScope now resolves the full hierarchy of the groups. Neat!

A New About Page

Have a look at the new About page in vScope. This is where to manage products, BETA versions and overview license limits. This first version of the About page includes a new design to better represent what is included in the product but there is more to come…

Overall improvements

  • A new, more supportive License error page
  • Big improvements in the responsiveness and speed of the filter panel
  • Corrected typos
  • Improved VM tags
  • New widget to handle loading errors on the Dashboard
  • Show Last Found By/Time/Date tags for certificates

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for default LDAP port
  • Fix for IP insight bug in Firefox
  • Fix for Right-click menu overflow
  • Selected tags linger in the Column picker
  • Stop loading filter values on collapse

Fix release v2.9.17


Overall improvements

  • Drop up menus added
  • Improved search functionality within Discovery Manager
  • Improved labeling of information, all over vScope
  • Improved LDAP probe with support for OpenLDAP
  • Much more tags for Oracle added
  • New tag for HDD Total Size
  • The SQL Jobs resource now includes more valuable information

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for issues related to SNMPv3
  • Fix for showing error messages when guest access is off
  • Fix for missing resources
  • Fix for server/client classification
  • Fix for CIFS share information missing
  • Tracker cases are not shown

Fix release v2.9.18


Overall improvements

  • Improved Azure probe eg. support for web proxy probe and price information
  • Improved Amazon AWS probe
  • Added more information for Oracle probe
  • New RAM tags. Description of tags can be found here
  • Support CDROM CIFS Shares
  • Added support for detecting SMB Server vulnerability
  • New tracker cases about AD, Oracle, MS SQL
  • Support for Discoveries of multiple Oracle instances
  • New tags for Windows Defender
  • New tracker cases including Windows Defender
  • Update of the Tracker case for WannaCry

Various bug fixes

  • LDAP user info throws 500 error
  • Fix for Quick discovery throwing exception
  • Better reset number of blocked sessions for MSSQL

Fix release v2.9.19


Overall improvements

  • Improved WinRM discovery
  • Improved LDAP Credential
  • Improved AWS probe
  • New tags for MSSQL Clusters (only available in vScope Database)
  • New tags for virtual machines: Description (only available in vScope Virtualization)
  • New tags for OracleDB: Features, watermarks, RAC config (only available in vScope Database)
  • New tags for Windows Defender
  • UI improvements for smoother user experience
  • WinRM is no longer in BETA

Various bug fixes

  • Users form the directory service are now available to quick share to
  • Fix for capitalized letters in email
  • Fix for tags not fully being displayed on properties page