Enhanced WMI probe for better Discoveries and a brand new module for insight of Directory services – This is vScope v2.9.2

Introducing vScope Directory Services Module   BETA  

The Directory Service module adds a new dimension to vScope with full, agentless audit of users and group settings in the datacenter. vScope provides an easy accessible and always up-to-date visualisation of the directory service that enables a completely new perspective of user access management.

IMPORTANT: Directory Service Module is a separately licensed module, however during BETA it is offered as complementary. Also, make sure to activate this module on the about page (described below under ‘Manage modules in vScope’)

New resources and data tags available

Build dynamic IT documentation in the same manner as before but now make use of the new resources and tags added to vScope to gain an in-depth understanding of the Directory Services. Domains, Group Policies and Organizational units are all new resources in vScope v2.9.2. Making use of these building blocks, vScope v2.9.2 comes with several tailored presets to provide instant insights.

Brand new analytics for easy user access management

The Directory Services Module comes packed with advanced analytics for improved user access management of the datacenter. Have a look in VSCOPE TRACKER to find out more. Examples of analytics included:

Accounts that are not used regularly are often targets of attack, therefore be proactive and ensure to remove unused accounts before it might turn in to an incident.

Avoid security threats and ensure that user accounts that can be used by anyone only have guest access in the datacenter.


Receive continuous reports and notifications about user accounts that is about to expired to avoid unnecessary support requests.

Additional features

Manage modules in vScope

Access all new features by switching on the modules on the about page. All vScope users have full access to both the new Directory Service Module and IP Insight during the BETA phase so make sure to switch the modules on to make use of all new functionalities.

Manage modules

Currently available is:

  • Full Legacy – Provides full functionality as found in v1.x and v2.x.
  • Directory Service Module   BETA   – The new Directory Service Module enables full insight in the user access management.
  • IP Insight   BETA   – Easily overview nets and IPs of the datacenter.

Improved WMI probe enables enhanced vScope Discovery

The WMI probe has been refined and streamlined with over 30% for a faster and better Discovery. This is a major improvement that will shorten the overall Discovery run time.

Overall improvements

  • Added tag for OS Type
  • Added tag for Latest installed Windows Update
  • Added tag for B/W ratio, Color prints and other printer specific information.
  • Enhanced functionality for audit of Printers
  • Improved and more stable SNMP probe
  • Improved tooltip functionality
  • Specify port for SNMP scan
  • vScope now includes widgets and table presets for Clients

Various bug fixes

  • Certain access points are no longer listed in tables about “All Machines”
  • Checkbox is no longer toggle twice setting a wildcard filter
  • Fix for asterisk disappearing when adding wildcard filter
  • Fix for skip list that was not working properly
  • Fix for Tracker emails not showing the latest values
  • Fix for MSSQL servers identified as seperate machines
  • Tracker case for Heartbleed issue now also works on Linux
  • Tracker info in presets are now the same as in the Dashboard widgets
  • Various bug fixes for probes

Fix Release v2.9.3

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for AD credential missing in Discovery Manager Wizard
  • Fix for vScope erroneous showing “License Expired”