Enhanced administrative workflow in vScope v2.9.4

vScope v2.9.4 includes several new features for administrators in vScope to better manage users, groups and settings. This version of vScope also provides more power to the Discovery Engine with an improved WMI probe.

Push settings to existing groups or users

Pushing settings is the way administrators easily can manage the vScope content for existing vScope users and groups. Under the settings page: select a user to copy from, specify users or groups to push settings to and select what to copy. Easy!

Push settings

Set default settings for new users from the Active Directory

Integrating vScope with your directory service will let you reuse existing accounts in vScope. As an administrators of vScope v2.9.4 you can now easily set a default profile for all users that are authenticated via the AD.

default settings

Additional features

Improved WMI probe makes vScope Discoveries much more efficient

vScope 2.9.4 includes with an enhanced WMI probe for better and more efficient discoveries of the operating system. The refined version of the probe now enables up to 40% faster WMI scans, significantly shortening the overall Discovery time in vScope.

Getting started with vScope with a new landing page

Users signing in to vScope for the first time will now face a new setup page for them to input additional information before continuing to vScope. Just to help them faster get started using vScope.

Overall improvements

  • Added advanced option to disable portscan
  • Link to profile now available in Tracker Cases
  • Improved authentication for MySQL
  • Improved input field for the ‘Share’ popup
  • IP addresses are now resolved better
  • Updated outdated tracker cases

Various bug fixes

  • Credentials are no longer used on disabled ranges
  • Fix for erroneous being able to remove guest user
  • Fix for failed LDAP queries
  • Fix for inaccurate Weekly summary emails
  • Fix for potential proxy overload
  • Fix for stitching issues
  • Inaccurate redirection
  • NetApp scan no longer resolves in SSL error
  • Skip list now applies to ranges
  • Overall improvements

Fix Release: v2.9.5

Including improvements and fixes:

  • Admin can now reset user passwords
  • Added toggle for Newletter settings on the profile page
  • Auto focus column input when opening the column picker
  • Better validation of user settings
  • Fix for inaccurate re-routing first users to the new user setup page
  • Fix for erroneous VMware tools widget
  • Fixes on the New User setup page
  • Improved LDAP probe, limiting its scope
  • New reset password view
  • Support for VMware maintenance via VMM
  • Toggles for modules are no longer muted in the about page